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This collection contains poems and fragments, reflections, narratives, and images produced between March 18 and April 10, 2020.
Justin Allen - Judy Annear - Adam Brody - Maurice Decal - Alexandra Delano - Caroline Dionne - Thom Donovan - Karin Ferrari - Jonathan Gray - Sarah Firth - Daniel Green - Aurelia Guo - Victoria Hattam - Athena Kokoronis - Mark Larrimore - Chantal Meng - Sara Morawetz - Justin Paton - Michael Pettinger - Dominic Pettman - Cheon Pyo Lee - Lovell Smajstrla - A.W. Strouse - McKenzie Wark - Izzy Wu -


What is Times Square Books?

TSQB is an ongoing series of paperback books by people who work outside in Times Square, New York City. The series presents a variety of content ranging from poetry and memoir to group text messages and phone photography. The series has been active in some capacity since 2017. Most books in the series open with an introduction describing the author's role in Times Square. Some books are (incidentally) about Times Square, others are not.

The Mission of TSQB

The mission of TSQB is two-pronged: (1) to empower the local, working population of Times Square by imparting a knowledge of the digital tools used to make books today, and (2) to explore how best to remember Times Square, an area marked by decades of constant development and city planning initiatives.

In this context TSQB chooses to operate intuitively, shooting from the hip. Our goal is to produce a moving average of thought, a series of blips on the radar that at times may contradict one another. We are often past deadline. Some books are beautiful, others are not. What's important is that we simply keep repeating, keep publishing. We feel such a repetitive approach does justice to the relentlessness of Times Square: the lie of advertising wrapped around the fiction of theater, ploughing ahead.


There are currently 13 published TSQB and several more waiting in the wings...

If you work outside in Times Square YIP invites you to publish with us. Whether you're a published author or someone simply curious to experiment with making a book with digital tools YIP wants to work with you to realize your next book!

Where can I buy Times Square Books?

We've tabled in TSQ a few times now.
If you'd like to know whenever we sell in the area shoot us a note and we'll keep you in the loop!
Otherwise, you can buy some titles online. ⇩ :)

Curent Titles, with links to purchase when applicable:

  • #1: Poems and Words
    by Jon Rentler

  • #2: Lyrics and Favorite Albums
    by Aaron Wineman

  • #3: The Bren Book
    by Bren x Van Buren

  • #4: Poses and Visible Text
    by Promoters TKTS

  • #5: What Used To Be Where
    by Friends

  • #6: All These Years
    by Liz Sauter and Colin Menkin

  • #7: Sunless
    by M. Gursky

  • #8: ESSENCE
    by Erin Soler

  • #9: Every night in a Neon Graveyard and Gross Bets
    by Mark Curry

  • #10: 1/1/18 Group Text
    by Various

  • #11: All That Heaven Allows
    by Antigone

  • #12: Notes From New York
    by Seth Ward Pyatt

  • #13: UP.W(O/A)RDS
    by S. L. Feemster

  • Moon fate Sin
    by Gillian Walsh

    Moon Fate Sin is a collection of anagrams of Yvonne Rainer’s No Manifesto.

    Moon Fate Sin was published on the occasion of the premier of Moon Fate Sin, the performance, by Gillian Walsh, presented by Performa 17 at Danspace Project, November 2017.

    Yip directly to place your order.
    The Book at the Lion's Jaw Performance + Dance Festival
    THE BOOK is a yearly re-membering of the Lion's Jaw Festival, a festival for performance and dance held yearly in Cambridge, MA. This year's (2019) process was especially poigniant as it was the last year the festival will be held at Green Street Studios.

    Yip wishes to extend a special thank you to everyone at Lion's Jaw for so generously offering your partnership in this yearly project. Being able to participate in the festival in this way has come to play a pivitol role in the development of Yip's interest and capacity to bring editorial projects into spaces designated for dance and performance practice.

    2019 LJ BOOK: $25.00

    2018 LJ BOOK: $19.88

    2017 LJ BOOK: $19.99

    M A N I F E S T 0 for the F U T U R E festival 2 O 2 O
    The internet is so silent, I love that. Silence because you aren’t in the room, and I miss you. Or maybe an old author is dead and they stare back at you from the back cover of your favorite version of them. Something called big data echo-locates an outline of ourselves in its mission to overcome our silence, and know us without ever having had to ask. The art book, the dance, push back with silence. But they don’t have goals the way Big Data does. Choreographic writing is the act of taking responsibility for the relationship between the material and a text at all stages of its life and afterlife. The dance and the art book are popular right now because they know something big data doesn’t. An autobiography is never done so long as after the final period is placed the author keeps on breathing. Augustine “wrote” the Confessions incidentally—they accumulated alongside someone doing repetition and memorization for the sake of it. We author our own autobiographies insofar as we interact with the almost entirely sensorized, digitally mediated, and legally agreed upon world of the city. Autobiography shows up alongside us as the happy accident of so many feedback loops. If I miss you it’s because I love you. Not a little, I miss you a lot because I love you a lot. And so in between us I make a letter, a text message, a package, a book. We meet there. It’s harder with the non-living loves. It’s harder because with them you can’t entertain any goals. You know there’s no seeing them now or ever. The art book knows this. The dance know this. Knows that silence is the highest form of speech that lovers can share. Sharing a silent room. Conversing. Because such a conversation always accepts the transience of things—silently acknowledges that we’re not long for this world. Speaking in silence always renders the act of sharing the silence “enough.” Poetry’s economy of words knows this: knows that it doesn’t need to explain everything, because we who read it will remember that which isn't on the page and fill it in ourselves. Adequacy is what we’re after. Adequacy, which isn’t a compromise between opulence and impoverishment but rather a space made out of nothing in which, to use words that aren’t my own, “Being there together is enough.” Or, said another way with other words not mine, “Why shouldn’t something I’ve always known be the very best there is?” Being an art book has nothing to do with the kind of paper, the binding, the handwritten-ness of the thing. It has to do with intention. With whether or not the author intentionally wrote the martial the same way they designed the text. (That’s a cheap but fine conflation, sorry.) But who can resist the biography? Who can resist guessing how Wallace or Eileen’s lives shaped the meaning of their poems? I want to know. I want to know because I want to stir alongside whomever has my heart at the moment, in spite of not sharing a bed, or a decade. I can't help it. Meaning in history is tricky. God only knows. We live in a moment torn between different ideas of what silence actually is. We don’t need church. Maybe we do need to throw up our hands and get off Facebook. But I don’t think so. We need to gather. To get together over and over again until we can’t any more. We don’t need goals. We don’t need progress. We don’t need the eschatology, modern progress, or the blockchain. The internet is a fever dream from which we do do well to awake, and the digital is the color of distance, not the space we inhabit when we are apart. When I am alone I still only inhabit my body and the room you aren’t in. I want to do things together with you over and over again, until we don’t have to talk about it. And then maybe we’ll laugh.

    VIDEO GAMES: Playing for a Living

    Featuring Interviews with:

    ———John Romero

    ———David “GrandPOObear” Hunt

    ———Gina “Sirithre” Coleman

    ———Geoff “iNcontroLTV” Robinson

    ———Natalie “ZombiUnicorn” Casanova

    ———Spawn Wave Media

    ———Commonwealth Realm

    ———Leigh “Maynarde” Mandalov

    ———Rachel Rossin.

    What does it mean to work for 60 - 90 hours a week as a streamer or 'content creator' in 2019? This is a book of interviews with some of the most prominiante, working streamers and content creators whose job is gaming. We ask the what it takes to make a living, what it takes to stay sane, and where they see the growing popularity of watching gaming online taking us in the future... VIDEO GAMES: Playing for a Living is co-releaseed with Vapor95 Inc., an internationally recognized leader in Vaporwave fashion.

    $17.95 at
    is a residency space
    hosted by Yip and co-facillitated by Camila Malenchini and Ben Van Buren. residencies last aproximately 3 months and result in a group showing of work in PDF and Print-On-Demand, launched with a Net Art party. for more: visit

    the first b00k residency took place in the Fall of 2017.
    CookBook Domestic Performance Agency (Edition 2)
    by Athena Kokoronis
    Following the sucess of the (sold out) 1st edition Cook Book Domestic Performance Agency edition 2 is Athena Kokoronis' continued, bounded and printed edition of process, fragments and images compiled over a decade. In it, merging connections and passion for a dance searched for within the domestic realms. Parts of CookBook can be read for instructional guides for making food, dance, performance or for pleasure for poetry as well as personal pockets of Kokoronis narrative in her blurry roles as artist, cook, and mother imagining and building a world within an alternative economy. $75 Contact Yip directly to place your order.

    Fat and Other Stories: Some Writing About Sex
    by Ishmael Houston-Jones

    Fat and Other Stories could also be subtitled “some writing about New York.” Here is the grime of the East Village apartment where the illegal tenant takes off his socks last; the brown walls of the Westside Club in Chelsea that offer little privacy; and the basement of the all male strip club in Times Square, now gone. New York is the final bedfellow in this sometimes frank, sometimes dreamlike collection. Houston-Jones choreographs the ghosts of this self-erasing city of lovers and strangers.

    First publicly available at performances of THEM
    by Ishmael Houseton-Jonhes, Chris Cochrane and Dennis Cooper
    Performance Space New York, June 2018.

    $13.99 + Shipping/Tax

    "[...] the annual journal about people onstage singing at you. It’s deep! It’s thick! It includes me and a bunch of my critical colleagues!"
           – Jesse Green The New York Times

    Musical Theater Today is a yearly peroidcal collecting conversations and documents from within the world of contemporay musical theater.

    Co-Founding Editors: Ben Van Buren & Lucas Tahiruzzaman Syed. Contributing Editors: Natasha Sinha, Shoshana Greenberg, Timothy Huang, Ian Axness, & EllaRose Chary. Find out more about MTT on our website!
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