Yip was founded by
artist and publisher Ben Van Buren, in 2016.
We realize projects that use choreographic writing
to establish feeling connections
between users and authors
on the level of
their texts.


YonkersInternationalPress at gmail


I’ve been telling some of you for decades to trust me that Ishmael Houston-Jones is as brilliant and charismatic a writer as he is a dancer and choreographer. Now my trustworthiness is finally beside the point, and here’s all the proof you’ll ever need.

Dennis Cooper
author of Frisk, and The Sluts.

I appreciate the perspective of The Flashpaper, and I appreciate having artists engage with the idea of justice. I believe art really is a lever, and if you use it correctly, it can create change.

John Ridley
Academy Award winner for 12 Years a Slave. Emmy-nominated creator of American Crime.

[Musical Theater Today is] The annual journal about people onstage singing at you. It’s deep! It’s thick! It includes me and a bunch of my critical colleagues!

Jesse Green
The New York Times