Manifesto What is YIP?
There will be no fresh donuts here.
We will not be proclaiming the next tomorrow.
Our only goal is to decolonize that most formidable of Christian encampments known as The Contemporary.
So here we make spaces for meditation.
We believe that participation in one's time need not be an anachronistic, disjointed, experience.
We recognize that politics has always had a strange bedfellow in faith.

We work to make spaces in which memory might excuse itself and, unbeknownst to us all, re-arrange it's own order.

The only constant is and has ever been the misery of war.
We believe in dignity, and you are invited to be in touch,
The contemporary is a Christian colony.
The author never died. Dad?
Representational performance is the work the imperial subject does to become the imperial subject.
Art is politically insignificant but religiously profound, which renders it politically significant.
Everyone is obliged to follow whims and moods.
The turn to practice is a turn to faith.
The 1960s have gone on long enough.
YIP is a publisher.

Originally conceived as a parodic donning of the vainglorious hyperbole of contemporary start-up culture, YIP has more recently become a fully functioning publishing house, responsible for an ever-increasing number of first-rate books and periodicals.

The performance of overconfidence has been instrumental in working to realize YIP’s ultimate goal: the conflation of printed matter with physically inhabitable space.

Today, half a century after 1967, YIP is committed to re-evaluating how a work of art is created, encountered, evaluated, and circulated. In order to experiment with these processes YIP creates spaces (mostly in the form of books) and invites others to enter and do their best work. While artists of many different (self-professed) disciplines are currently working in YIP-created spaces, the majority seem to come from poetry and performance.

News Date

Project (bubbling up) by Is
Secret Erotic Cook Book Co-Teach Cookbook
The Comedic Voice C. McDonald A new biannual publication dedicated to comedy.

Project (and repeat and repeat in my ear) by Is When
Musical Theater Today

Co-Founding Editor's: Ben Van Buren & Lucas Syed
Contributing Editors: Natasha Sinha, Shoshana Greenberg, Timothy Huang & Ian Axness
Musical Theater Today is a new, yearly periodical inspired by the extraordinary variety of artists, institutions, and audiences engaged in the musical theatre world. While many endeavors across the industry appear to share individual artists (composers, performers, etc.), it seems that they rarely have the opportunity to come together in discussion. By gathering as many creative viewpoints as possible, MTT hopes to encourage artists in all aspects of the industry to continue to pursue diversity of narrative, performance, and production. website Yearly, in June.

Liminal Project Gardner: Ben Van Buren b00k is an residency space and presentation platform. RESIDENCY: b00k is currently able to offer each artist a workspace measuring 8.5in by 8.5in by 350 black and white pages. PRESENTATION: workspaces are brought together and opened to the public in the form of free PDF and a low cost digitally-printed, perfect-bound paperback book both available at website Every 9 months.
Times Square Books

TSQB#1: $5.99
TSQB#4: $5.99
Series Editor: Ben Van Buren The first couple of years are a blur. Katie got offended when I made a joke about Christ so I bought her a coffee.

Rob the boxer, who had an identical twin brother who was a famous comedian, lent me $20 when I needed it.

Phyllis got mad at me when I exposed her as a promoter to a customer. She also threw eggs out of her apartment window at the cars that played loud music.

The frozen wind kept everyone but us from the island for long stretches of the winter.

Drinking $3 cups of sake with Aaron upstairs at the old Teriyaki Boy on 48th, listening to stories from his sex life.

Franklin wearing a toolbelt stuffed full of flyers.

Margot sprinting across 7th dressed in costume as a Chicago Girl, shouting “I’m guilty.”

The year that TDF started putting their own Patron Service Representatives around the booth and we all thought that was the end of theater promotions in Times Square.

The family who couldn't afford the Spider-Man tickets after waiting in line and whose disappointment glowed red in the light of the LED boards that list what’s for sale.

Peter, the Rude Boy who occasionally shows up wearing a beautiful suit, looking for Franklin.

At Teresa's rent controlled apartment on 72nd she told us stories about being famous in the 1980s. I wore jeans and a v-neck t-shirt and got drunk.

Rich Told me how Aaron was over at a one of the company management offices when he saw a check on a desk made out to Rich. The next day Aaron calls up that same office and casually offers to do all of Rich’s shows for half the price. The company said yes and it nearly ruined Rich.

British Michael would send me to get a milk and a Lucky Seven from the corner store. Once he won three times in a row and each time I got to go back for another ticket. Happy to be his errand boy.

Project (enjoying the afterlife) by Is When
The Leviathan (Will Thou Quite Destroy Us?)

Thomas Hobbes A book about locking your doors at night. First published 1651. YIP edition published December 2017.
Moon fate Sin

$30, upon request.
Gillian Walsh Limited edition 1-120 November 2017
The Book of the 2017 Lion's Jaw Dance + Performance Festival

festival participants A book made by the participants of the 2017 Lion's Jaw Dance + Performance festival. November 2017

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