You are invited to congregation. There will be fresh donuts.
Here in books, in the room outlined by the periodization of publication we forget each other, and ourselves.
We say that the inbox is no longer stuck on the mud at the end of the drive. It is within us.
I will meet you there inside of each other.
Because we do not hope to turn again we sing to those who live far away, and those who are dead.
Within the rhythm of our materializations we have found a space in which to touch one another, in spite of not sharing a room, in spite of not sharing a decade.

We ask: are you capable is self accusation? You are called.
We ask: are you capable of performing impersonal acts of an economic and judicial nature? You are called.
Our only goal is to touch one another, across oceans, across generations, and to remember that the great poem of the world has always been one of unity.
YIP is a publisher.

Originally conceived as a parodic donning of the vainglorious hyperbole of contemporary start-up culture, YIP has more recently become a fully functioning publishing house, responsible for an ever-increasing number of first-rate books and periodicals.

Today, half a century after 1967, YIP is committed to re-evaluating how works of art are created, encountered, circulated, and evaluated. In order to experiment with such processes YIP creates spaces (mostly in the form of books) and invites others to enter and do their best work. While artists of many different (self-professed) disciplines are currently working in YIP-created spaces, the majority seem to come from poetry and performance.

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ASPEN eds. B. Van Buren + M. Robinson A retaking of ASPEN Magazine. Kind of.
D____ M_______ Y.I.P and G.W. a new quarterly arts publication
The Comedic Voice C. McDonald A new biannual publication dedicated to comedy.

PERIODICALS by Is Published
b00k Liminal Project Gardner: Ben Van Buren b00k is a residency space and presentation platform. RESIDENCY: b00k is currently able to offer each artist a workspace measuring 8.5in by 8.5in by 350 black and white pages. PRESENTATION: workspaces are brought together and opened to the public in the form of free PDF and a low cost digitally-printed, perfect-bound paperback book both available at

Every 9 months.
Musical Theater Today Co-Founding Editor's: Ben Van Buren & Lucas Tahiruzzaman Syed
Contributing Editors: Natasha Sinha, Shoshana Greenberg, Timothy Huang & Ian Axness
Musical Theater Today is a new, yearly periodical inspired by the extraordinary variety of artists, institutions, and audiences engaged in the musical theatre world. While many endeavors across the industry appear to share individual artists (composers, performers, etc.), it seems that they rarely have the opportunity to come together in discussion. By gathering as many creative viewpoints as possible, MTT hopes to encourage artists in all aspects of the industry to continue to pursue diversity of narrative, performance, and production.

Yearly, in June.
Times Square Books
Series Editor: Ben Van Buren Times Square BOOKS is an ongoing series of paperbacks written, designed and published by artists working outside in Times Square, NYC.

We hand out flyers
We sell CD's
We empower each other
We make books


BOOKS by Is Published
Moon fate Sin Gillian Walsh Moon Fate Sin is a collection of anagrams of Yvonne Rainer’s No Manifesto.

Moon Fate Sin is a book, a tape and a dance. The dance premiered as part of Performa 17 at Danspace Project. The book is published by YIP. The tape: DANCE TORTURE MIXTAPE is produced by Neal Medlyn.

Limited Edition 1-120

November 2017
The Leviathan (Will Thou Quite Destroy Us?) Thomas Hobbes A book about locking your doors at night, this CLASSIC text is beautifully re-mastered by Designer Colin Menkin. A PERFECT gift for your edgy philosopher family member.

pages pic
cover pic

First published 1651. YIP edition published December 2017.
The Book of the 2017 Lion's Jaw Dance + Performance Festival festival participants A book made by the participants of the 2017 Lion's Jaw Dance + Performance festival.

November 2017

Times Newly Roman


$50 + tax


$50 + tax

Times Newly Roman
19.99 + tax
19.99 + tax