Lion's Jaw
Performance + Dance festival

October 3 - 8, 2018
Green Street Studios
Cambridge, MA

As you scroll/flip downwards/onwards you will be moving chronologically through a variety of materials gathered via specific inputs over the course of the Lion's Jaw Dance + Performance Festival, 2018.
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Table of Contents

Introductions from Ben and Joy,
Archive Facilitators

General Introduction presented to
Festival Participants

Loose Materials: October 2nd (the day before the festival)

Scans, emails, the Chat: October 3
Pictures from the Fleet: October 3

Scans, emails, the Chat: October 4
Pictures from the Fleet: October 4

Scans, emails, the Chat: October 5
Pictures from the Fleet: October 5

Scans, emails, the Chat: October 6
Pictures from the Fleet: October 6

Scans, emails, the Chat: October 7
Pictures from the Fleet: October 7

Scans, emails, the Chat: October 8
Pictures from the Fleet: October 8

From Performances
Screen grabs of performance video

Notes on lighting and cues, from technicians

Pictures from The Thing

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From Ben:

Hi all, Ben Van Buren here, operator of YIP (Yonkers International Press). It was a thrill to be invited back to Lion’s Jaw for the 2018 festival. I had worked with LJ in 2017 to make a book that documented the experience, which had been fun to make, and rewarding to print. Getting a second chance to work on a book project is unusual—of course the 2018 festival was not an actual repeat of 2017—and I knew I wanted to take the opportunity to try some new ideas.

First of all I knew I wanted to format what would become this year's book using HTML/CSS (web coding languages) rather than Adobe inDesign. This was for two reasons. (1) it would mean that the book could also be a website that would be hosted and updated live. And (2) I really wanted to experiment with browser based formatting for printed matter as a way to move ever towards a no-overhead, totally open source model of publishing. (Quickly: using HTML/CSS in this way entails building a website that hosts the contents of the publication you want to materialize, and then telling that site how to make and format the appropriately sized PDF when a person asks the site to print itself… making a book this large, with so many types of content proved to be bit of a learning curve!)

Beyond production, I knew I wanted to invite perspectives from outside the festival to enter and participate in the process of reflecting upon the festival in real time. I wanted to use the book to invite the possibility of witnessing the complications that arise when a group of people in a specific time and place make the decision to host other people. It’s not a neutral thing, but I find Lion’s Jaw’s approach to community building, curation, and inclusion to be admirable and deserving of examination. So I called Joy Mariama Smith, whom I had met the year before when they were a teaching artist at LJ, and asked if they wanted to collaborate on devising how the book was to be made. I brought a lot of ideas to our first Skype call and together we took on the responsibility of devising the Living Archive. I wanted to call Joy because we had gotten along well last year, they were interested in some of the ideas I was busy with in publishing, and were active in the book being made then. It was a gut instinct that paid off in spades. Collaborating with Joy was extremely fruitful, and just as importantly, extremely fun. I remain beyond grateful and proud of what we were able to accomplish together.

From Joy:

Hello Dear readers,
This is Joy part of the Lion's Jaw Living Archive Book team from across the pond.
I wanted to take some time (space) to orient you- gentle reader-as to how I came to wrap my head around this project, but also how I facilitated the inputs from my end and why. I hope this helps.

As Ben stated, we met at the last LJ festival where I was teaching. I was excited and inspired by Ben's offering of book making and sort of nerded out about his process then. This year Ben reached out to me outlining his 'web-to-print' idea for the book and asked if I wanted to engage in this collaborative process. I said YES of course. After I said yes Ben and I busied ourselves with shaping what this, then ephemeral, container would look like. We were aligned in our curiosity to have external inputs from those outside the festival in order to provide a broader lens for reflection. Over skype and email a frame began to crystallize around what the nature of external inputs could be. My focus was on looking at the book as a space, access, transparency, and divergent archival processes.

On my own time i began to shape three nodes of input based on where I was located, and what I was engaged in at the time. I recently became a staff member at SNDO (School for New Dance Development, Academy of Theater and Dance, Amsterdam, NL), and my artistic practice and community has shifted since I relocated to Europe. I decided to call on this in order to curate my input groups. I came up with the following groupings:

1. SNDO -students and staff

2. Movement Artist and Makers based outside the US

3. Peers- highly responsive friends from all over-outside LJ context

I invited people to engage with the prompts in whatever way they saw fit. For me my primary focus was what can I learn from this? What can be learned about festival culture? Is it possible to connect to a closed community in real time, and if we connect does the community open/shift awareness/become more apparent/ do patterns emerge? What you have in your [virtual] hands now is what occurred.

I want to also acknowledge that through my collaboration with Ben I learned about the possibilities of infusing care into a collaborative work process. Ben's support, mindfulness, openness, curiosity were/are astounding and without it none of this dynamic archiving would be possible...

The Introduction given to the festival participants on the first day of the festival

This year at Lion’s Jaw we are hosting a LIVING ARCHIVE that will be added to in real time through several different inputs.

The goal of this archive is to be inclusive, and to devise (and adjust as necessary) ways in which people with varying degrees of connection to the festival can enter and connect with one another.

To access those "varying degrees of distance" the archive is collaborating with former Lion’s Jaw teaching artist Joy Mariama Smith to establish reflective points-of-view beyond Boston, and the US. Joy has assembled a network of colleagues and friends who will be observing the festival from afar and who are invited to offer materials via the inputs below. [A big hello to our new friends across the world!]

 Because a dance festival does not happen out of the blue! It is always already the activation of a network of people and organizations, the general footprint of which is never immediately clear. And this is why we make this ARCHIVE: to excavate and examine what is at stake in the doing of a [dance] festival with regards to


 And then, when the festival is over this archive will be made available as a paperback BOOK.


The festival will begin with the following inputs available:

 1. The friendly scanning station—located at Green Street Studios. Participants can scan anything they wish into the archive.

 2. The email bucket>>SEND TO: lionsjawbook2018 (at) gmail (dot) com<<. a specific email address is distributed to the Lion’s Jaw festival participants, Joy’s network of friends and colleagues, and eventually the audience members of the performances. Participants can email whatever they wish. [Pictures of the festival {if you happen to be there} would be lovely!}

 3. The public chat room—anyone, at anytime can enter the public chat room.

 4. The unknown—keep your eyes open for other inputs. And/or please feel free to attempt other inputs. This archive is alive! Some other inputs we are currently busy with include: video, photo, sound, transcript, screenshot, smell, somatic, poetry… scores… 

Using these Inputs

1. Scanner—a friendly someone will always be by the scanner to help you scan what you’d like into the archive. Feel free to ask them some questions.

 2. The email bucket—the archive will ONLY make public the SUBJECT LINE and BODY of the email. We will not publish your email address. This means if you want your name to be attached to the email it needs to appear in either the subject line, or body of the message.

 3. The public chat room—Ok, so the chatroom is very basic, and we are still working out some of the kinks. Stay tuned here for updates as the come. In the meantime it warrants repeating some good, old advice: don’t share any private info in the chat room such as back account information, SSN (if applicable), etc… :)

 4. Unknown—bring it. To talk about devising an alternative input please contact Ben if you are at Green Street Studios, or Joy if you are a part of their network.

 Ummmmmm OK, that’s it for now.

 xx Ben + Joy
archive/book team

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Some Materials From Before The Festival...

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ben: hiiiiiiiii

ben: :)

smae: Hey!

ben: It works!

smae: This is so great!

ben: chat chat chat

smae: welcome to boston!!!!

ben: Thank you!

ben: I am in the Athenaeum

ben: by the commons

smae: *excited*

ben: how are you how are you?

smae: nice, I just got home. so glad you'll be so close!

ben: *excited* indeed

ben: yeahhh that works super well

smae: ha i'm good! It's been a whirl wind summer into fall

ben: are you ready for tomorrow?

ben: no kidding

smae: i think so! actually feeling fairly calm about the whole weekend thus far

smae: def some last minute things to do but overall we're just psyched

ben: sounds great. I'm really excited to see how things are different this year, just given the different teachers

ben: how's enrollment?

ben: or, maybe that's not a question for the old chat?

smae: yeah, they totally change the culture every year

smae: no it's a fine question :-) it's great actually!!

ben: fantastic!

ben: lots of repeats? new people?

smae: both. but, but lots of returns.

ben: swell

smae: which will feel cozy I think

ben: totally

smae: little community that gets together once a year

smae: :-)

ben: it's really happening!

smae: year 3! it's happening!

ben: are you already thinking about year 4?

smae: of course

ben: of courssseeeee

ben: next stop lion's Jaw takes over the Wang theater

ben: and becomes a dance competition

smae: we have another fun crowd in mind. but keeping it hush until we get all the acceptances

smae: bahaha

smae: yes.

ben: a fun crowd huh? mokay

smae: lol it's always a fun crowd

smae: who am i kidding

ben: lol. i saw on insta that there has been some press.

ben: do you feel the festival buzz is growing?

smae: slowly, press for dance is really hard to convince people it's worth including. But I do think we're growing. Because we such a mom and pop festival still it's slow. But that's also what makes it what it is

ben: totally.

ben: ahhh im kinda crashing

ben: the bus ride was a bit long

ben: and i don't want to keep you after a full day

ben: but we can totally chill here if you want

smae: i can imagine. that's a trip. I should hop off too and organize a bit

smae: but i'm so glad this works so well!

ben: mokay, well we will meet here again I'm sure!

ben: haha meeee too. its still a tick buggy but I think its up and runnign

ben: but ok ok ok

ben: have a great night and i cant wait to see you so soon!

smae: see you tomorrow!

OCTOBER 3, 2018

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The room was created

BVB entered for the first time

BVB joined the chat

BVB: test

NBD joined the chat

NBD: xx

kim joined the chat

kim: 😊

test entered for the first time

joy! entered for the first time

joy!: ok!greets from netherlands!

Photo Documentation of October 3

OCTOBER 4, 2018

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Q:What will you be researching at Lion’s Jaw, and how do you imagine that research informing the collective group experience?

A: How can I allow myself to be informed/impacted by everything within the group experience of this festival? How can this experience of group impact be the research? So many things. I'm coming with particular research that connects to contact improvisation, improvisation, Feldenkrais®, contemporary dance, performance, and activism. I work to cultivate radical aliveness through dancing. Right now I'm working with finding cycles of recuperation inside of exertion, people-ness,wildness, endurance, gentleness, absorbancy, song-ness, internal and external activism, phrasing/articulation, the volume of time, not taking up space/taking up space, interrogating whiteness/privilege/power, queering, gender, and love....I know, that is a lot. There are many other things that I will be researching once I am there, but I cannot know what they are in advance. I love that. I love that I cannot know yet. I work a lot with radical independence and responsible citizenship. Dance is only as powerful and progressive as the people inside of it.

A: Twenty-First Century Pedagogies – What are some modes of engaging relationship that help us move progressively toward collective action as diverse assemblies of artists?

A: At Lion’s Jaw I will be sharing my improvisation practice, which is what I have come up with after 40 years of experience, to help facilitate people to enter deeply into their own felt experience as they move together.

In one way it’s ridiculously simple, in another it can help people glean insights into life, and their own lives through experience rooted in the physical body, through listening to the way it sings. I hope these insights can help people find what they need to be able to face the complex issues that we are living through in today’s world.

A: I am exploring cacophony + chaos + excessive effort as sites of potential, sites of arousal into productive generative states of being/doing/creating - making belief, making new make-believe. my well being is not separate from any of this. and I don’t think I’m alone. maybe others need more of more? Samuel Delany once wrote “the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom."

A: Attention, joy, newness

BVB: Bonjour from Boston!

BVB left the chat

downstairs lair entered for the first time

downstairs lair: Lovely to be here

BVB joined the chat

BVB: hellooooo

BVB: finding the wifi took some time

BVB: How's the morning life?

ELLEN entered for the first time



BVB: chatttrrroommmm

BVB: how was the trip here?

ELLEN: The trip here was great, very smooth. I was very excited though so I did not sleep on the bus.

BVB: haha

BVB: will you be taking photos all day?

BVB: anything you want to shoot in particular?

ELLEN: Yes photos and video! About to start taking photos. I am very excited to film some video of Larry's moon workshop.

BVB: amen that sounds cool

BVB joined the chat

jArEd entered for the first time

jArEd: hello I've arrived here

BVB: hello welcom

BVB: e

BVB: so

BVB: how'd opening circle go?

BVB: (which was yesterday night)

jArEd: I'm so trapped in my own experience during the opening that I'm never sure I know

jArEd: I have an aversion often to circles in these contexts and also strggle with nerves and stagefright!

BVB: what's the aversion, do you think?

jArEd: It's a lot- like how do we give information but also a lens for people to see things going forward... knowing that much of it will be totally lost haha

jArEd: well sitting in one place for awhile for one

BVB: of course, but you feel it's key to gather in person. rather than doing it over email?

jArEd: then also running out of capacity for info

jArEd: and also is the person leading annoying. like their voice or their approach... mostly personal for me

BVB: yours was not!

jArEd: phew! (to you anyway )

BVB: is building a group dynamic important to Lion's Jaw? beyond the opening circle are there ways to come together that you try to build, or that you want to build?

jArEd: I feel like we're more interested in what the dynamic reveals itslef to be then in building anything specifc

jArEd: but we do have to create a container of a sort- that feels alive but not too porous. Like you're here AT a thing.

BVB: And as you grow? Do you hope that future iterations of Lion's Jaw will be larger—in terms of number of participants, teachers...?

BVB: and are there specific ways in which you want to grow?

BVB: Adding more performances maybe?

BVB: or more teaching time?

BVB: or....?

BVB: 🤗

jArEd: yes! I mean there's a part of you, when an experience feels rich or engaging that wants it to go on and on but I think realistically no intensive experience like this could or should be longer than 2 weeks

jArEd: I think we are imagining exanding it to a full week w two weekends

jArEd: the performance piece has been really problamatic for me/us and two weekends would help w that

BVB: how so?

jArEd: right now because of the innate hierarchy of a society w weekdays and weekends it means that fri pm sat pm and to an extent sunday are 'better' days for performance to be seen

jArEd: and it's too show-casey rn for us- many artists are durational in their work and asking them to do 10 min pieces is already a lot- then smashing them one up against each other

jArEd: it's a bit of a traffic jam imo

jArEd: w two weekends we could have 3 pieces a night at 20+ min each

BVB: for sure for sure

jArEd: I love the idea of ongoing performances happening throughout the fest but as an artist you have to be willing to not really be 'seen' so much

BVB: The showcase-ness also keeps things very casual, which can be nice. Do you think more performing would change the student/teacher dynamic in the festival?

jArEd: hmm

jArEd: yeah you're right it might feel more hierarchical or 'professional' w the change- or more spread out which is a thing too

jArEd: and I like the WIP quality of the pieces rn , no artist can get too precious w a 15min tech!

BVB: amen!

Timna entered for the first time

BVB: hey hey!

Timna: Hey BVB! Thanks for scanning my hand !

BVB: of course. here at the LIVING ARCHIVE we love to scan 💗
joy! joined the chat

BVB: joooooyyyyyy!

joy!: Yo

Timna: Joy! 💗

joy!: Hey is that you Timna!

joy!: OK so I am just reading and catching up on what is going on and reviewing Jared's feels about open circle.

joy!: To be honest I am also at work nannying and cooking dinner and clean the kitchen so this is a very interesting way to engage. Also my keyboard is broken so I happen to be dictating. I let just cuisine OK

Timna: Do you know another Timna? Loved your video yesterday

joy!: (also what I really said at the end there was in French: 'alex je fait le cuisine ok!' [Americanize French accent]

Timna: I’ll switch to dictation too. Curious to hear more about your side of the feedback circle that this project is creating

joy!: No I don't know another Timna and really love the video? Thanks💋

Timna: Truly it felt like I was hanging out with you you’re yawning was the best part

Timna: Thinking about other ways this sort of live archiving can be utilized

joy!: Oh shit I and I didn't look at the video before I send it
Timna: Hahahahahah it all good no shame

joy!: Oh shit no shame at all. how was the there? classes? PoC, queers? what does it look/feel like?

Timna: PoC and queers are here. Minority but easily 10% or more PoC and queer is more blurry to specifics on the first day. Every class every teacher seems real different. Closer to 30% PoC rep in teachers.

Timna: This all from opening circle and first class this morning.

joy!: Curious to hear more tooo

Timna: More could come things could change

Timna: Feels warm. Looks like a takeover. Nobody but lions Jake peeps around.

Timna: (In the studios and halls)

joy!: ok.... clear ... how does that feel? safe or...

Timna: Really want hearty vegan community meals. Made but me and you 😜

Timna: By*

joy!: or can you write a bit more? i am trying to get a sense and i am not there...

jArEd joined the chat

jArEd: hello! I'm in the middle of Kirstie Simson's class so I'm rudely poking my head in to say hello

jArEd: I love everyone- Kirstie is beautiful- my body is warm and lovely byyyyyee

joy! joined the chat

joy!: @Timna: YASSS hearty vegan community meals.

joy! joined the chat

joy! left the chat

BVB joined the chat

downstairs lair: hello from the registration desk, the sound of construction or jackhammer can be heard in the background

downstairs lair: sitting partnered, we wait for more people to join the festivities

downstairs lair: Time to sort tee shirts

downstairs lair: Jenny says "Sup Chatroom"

BVB joined the chat

BVB: sup All

BVB: upstairs can hear some music in studio three

BVB: some people lie on couches, others sit on the floor

BVB: time to chat

downstairs lair: we just sold two shirts Hoorah!

downstairs lair: What do u want 2 chat about?
BVB: Huzzah for shirt life!

BVB: i guess we should chat about Lion's Jaw?

BVB: or, something else...?

BVB: how's registration?

Zena entered for the first time

downstairs lair: so good, we used all 100 of our name tag plastic sleeves

downstairs lair: we have one hundred people registered or attending this festival!

downstairs lair: ⭐

BVB: wow! that is fantastic! is that an uptick from last year?

downstairs lair: Yes!

BVB: again, fantastic!

BVB: are people mostly from around here?

downstairs lair: Definitley a strong MA and other New England presence

downstairs lair: but we are coast to coast

downstairs lair: And international

downstairs lair joined the chat

joy! joined the chat

joy!: hello hello hello

joy!: ok i am home from a long day at work.

joy!: and i have to say maybe the hours of the chat room could be shifted because most of the people i know work so now might be a good itme

downstairs lair: hello, I am sitting at the reg desk with Jacob n Ben now, and I am Michael Fig

joy!: hey.. can you take a selfie of the downstairs lair beacuse it sounds very ominous 🙂

downstairs lair: Ben is getting coffee, he will return and address the situ

joy!: ok ok cool cool. were you there last year? people? have i seen you before. is there a merch display? what do the tshirts look like this year and whon designed them

Underdancer entered for the first time

downstairs lair joined the chat

Underdancer: Yay dance!

downstairs lair joined the chat

downstairs lair: lol how does one add pictures to this?

Underdancer: Apparently one does not. Cause I can’t find it either

Underdancer: Having arrived at an awkward time, I’m now just chilling around

BVB left the chat

Archive Station joined the chat

Archive Station: hey heyyyy

Archive Station: yeah i could have swron a pic is possible but...

Archive Station: still looking

Archive Station: @joy, its a really good call with the hours

downstairs lair: other than registration tasks apparently I am technologically illiterate

Archive Station: lol

Archive Station: maybe we can soft schedule a time to meet in chat life tomorrow?

downstairs lair: downstairs lair will be active throughout the majority of the festival

Archive Station: Boston 14:00 Netherlands 20:00...?

Archive Station: i love downstairs lair!

downstairs lair: @joy! how was work? I did attend LJ last year, and was in your lab...I am forwarding images of folded shirts to Ben(ny)

downstairs lair: many thanks to you Archive Station, you are loved as well.

jArEd joined the chat

Archive Station: jared, what's up with the instagram cornewr

Archive Station: *corner

Archive Station: tryin to go viral?

jArEd: this was an idea Larry A had

Underdancer: Jared, any word on the MySpace corner?

Archive Station: lol

jArEd: sh'es makes a lot of great vids on IG and thought it would be a nice way for people to connect to that

Archive Station: who does lion's jaw's social media?

Archive Station: totes totes

jArEd: is my space still real?

Archive Station:

Archive Station: i had to google

Underdancer: Your space is as real as you want

jArEd: social media is done mostly by me sadly

jArEd: not the best choice

Archive Station: maybe we should describe the lounge?

jArEd: I want to go sit in a room

Archive Station: for JOY and crew?

jArEd: a class room

Archive Station: you are in a room...

jArEd: not jus ANY room

Archive Station: This is the LOUNGE at GREEN STREET STUDIOS

Archive Station: the carpet is green

jArEd: the lounge is a whitewashed concrete rectangle w dirty green carpets and two couches

Archive Station: there is a string of lights hanging on the wall behind the white leather couch

jArEd: there are a few tables and a small refrigerator and righ now there is anya cloud with headphones larry arrington preparing for her class, jacob regan on his phone, me on my laptop and Ben at the station eating carrots

Archive Station: the door to studio three is in the lounge. It is indicated by a metal number 3, the kind typically used on houses. The door is painted a rusty red color and has a small magnet of an Irish flag with someone doing step dancing on in.

downstairs lair: there's also a set of like 12 cubbies...the storage units, right?

downstairs lair: Selena is being blasted in the downstairs lair

jArEd: haha

Archive Station: wowww you know the space.. its 16 cubbies

jArEd: I could fall in love with you

Archive Station: right by the door when you come in

downstairs lair: bidi bidi bum bum

downstairs lair: ugh space memory fail

jArEd: and there are an odd assortment of books on dancing there. like folk dancing and ballet dancing

downstairs lair: lol, antithetical to LJ?

Archive Station: good Q

jArEd: hmmm... I would like less books on dancing personally

Archive Station: "BALLANCE" is being shouted in studio 3

Archive Station: "BALANCE!" ... "BALLANCE!"

jArEd: by peter schmitz I think


jArEd: Larry is having a hot flash

downstairs lair: but aren't we making a book?!

Archive Station: LOL

downstairs lair: or sorry, making book...

jArEd: her face is red and is using ben's ice coffee dregs to cool her face

jArEd: oh shit!

jArEd: but is it about dancing??

downstairs lair: 🙊

downstairs lair: about dancing around dancing?

jArEd: cause I am NOT into that

Archive Station: Larry is sending all the literally all the: "hot love from my flaming ass face" to JOY

Archive Station: I don't think the book is about dancing

downstairs lair: noted, understood

Archive Station: or maybe it is?

joy!: omg larry i love you and i love your hot flash face. just don't pass out or whatever...sorry i took a dip a friend called me. and then my phone wasy 'meow'ing and then i talked on the phone and forgot i was in a chait room and theni see so much has happened.

KimK entered for the first time

downstairs lair: Welcome to internet Lion's Jaw KimK

joy!: ok @downstairslair. ok i think i know you from my lab. thank you for coming back! ok work was cool. i mean the kid had a fit because i wouldn't get him scotch tape and then i felt guilty because i was a little 'rough' with him.... because eveything irritates me because i am PMSing... but he was DOING THE MOST at that moment and i was like we do NOT behave like that GO UPSTAIRS. and then he cried and i let him calm the fuck down and come to me. then he came down and i said i cannot help you i am cooking dinner for you and your mom is not here. but then he waited and then asked if we could call his mother and i said NO so he started crying again... (i am trying to let him learn that not every adult in his life will be available for him all the time) so he cried. and i sat with him and said it was fine to be sad, angry, frustrated. and to breath and then tell me what was happening. then he told me he wanted the tape which he has to do with an adult because he was making a comic book based on 'asterix' . so i said ok. we cannot do that now i cannot help you now but after dinner i promise we can go do it together and then you can take a bath and then mommy comes home. ok? he said ok. and then it was fine. so that was one job.. i worked also at school today with my students which ways a long production meeting with 3 year BA students trying to envision their work for the first time in a theater... but also in a festival. so i hope they say something at somepoint!

joy!: i also need to go to bed now and secretly watch bad american TV streaming from my comupetr. LARRY get at me. send me a love note or something on the internet.

KimK: Thanks. I want to explore more the idea of hot-flash dancing

KimK: I think it is a bit about NOT being in BALLANCE

downstairs lair: ooh productive teaching you do for child. happy bedtime to you.

joy!: @kimK i have to go to fucking bed... but yes so now is 22:05 here so it may be...6 hours earlier there. but i want to check back in the wee hours and see what all this hot flash dancing is about

Archive Station: Sleep well joy!

joy!: @downstairs? really? thank you... i am trying. i mean. i hope i am doing the right it means a lot for you to say that from over there 🤗

joy!: thanks all. eat some vegan ruban's for me can someone? xx. goede avond (or something almost dutch)

joy! left the chat

downstairs lair: I am departing to wait tables. another person will occupy the position as downstairs lair

downstairs lair: bless you all

Archive Station: bless you!

Archive Station: downstairs lair love 💋

KimK left the chat

downstairs lair: false alarm, I just got cut from waiting tables

Archive Station: oh oh good news, or maybe not. I'm trying figure out why the excellent merch pics won't show up on the site.. brb

Archive Station: welcome backkkkkkkk

downstairs lair: hoorah

laurel entered for the first time

Archive Station: hi laurel!

laurel: hi hi how are the scans going?

Archive Station: scans are going well, but also a lot of emails coming in, and the chat has been pretty busy

laurel: 📌

Archive Station: how are you what are you up to?

laurel: what are people scanning?

laurel: i'm okay did a qi gong session this morning then made some fish

laurel: was gonna tattoo but it got canceled so now procrastinating

laurel: wondering if LJ could give me some movement inspo

laurel: get into a Bruce Nauman mood

Archive Station: Yes! get some inspo

Archive Station:if you scroll further down you will see some scans
Archive Station: There are a few Bruce Nauman books in the used Book Store here.

Archive Station: shout out to

Archive Station: what do you think B. Nauman would have thought about L. Jaw?

laurel: hmm good questions

laurel: n

laurel: question

laurel: oh i like the phone scans

laurel: okay i think that bruce nauman would...

laurel: want LJ to have it's own building

laurel: and that building would be spliced into hallways

laurel: one for each LJ participant

laurel: some of those hallways could turn into boxes, ie moveable walls

laurel: but enough people would have to agree to move walls

laurel: to make the boxes

Archive Station: and would there be dance classes?

Archive Station: or performance classes?

laurel: and no words could be used OR only the words "ready" and "enough" could be communicated to build

laurel: no classes

laurel: and the whole thing would be a "performance"

laurel: but don't think he would call it a performance

laurel: there would be video

Archive Station: oh Bruce...

laurel: live fee

laurel: d

laurel: instead of chat room

laurel: i think

Archive Station: i love this show

laurel: the event with the hallways would be happening

laurel: but no one explains anything

laurel: there is no clear beginning or ending

laurel: people just appear to take up as one leaves off

Archive Station: but would it still be a festival?

Archive Station: or is that just the Bruce Nauman show?

laurel: hmmm

laurel: don't think nauman is into festivals

laurel: but

laurel: i think he would offer this idea

laurel: and leave

laurel: and then LJ could turn it into a festival

laurel: so a festival container is built

laurel: to hold the nauman container

laurel: which is defined by literal space for bodies

laurel: LJ would overlay something more philosophical?

laurel: or maybe they would just have dinners

laurel: the happen in a tent

laurel: next to the nauman space

laurel: the festival would be full on celebration

Archive Station: celebration!

Archive Station: It's true, there is a lot of celebration happening here.

Archive Station: lots of old friends re-uniting.

laurel: that's nice!

Archive Station: Lots of people from other corners of the country finding each other

Archive Station: it is!

laurel: full expanse

Archive Station: and the space is basically windowless...

Archive Station: so it can feel very condensed

laurel: how many friends you making, archive station?

Archive Station: the lounge is chatty right now.

laurel: i like that tshirt

laurel: anything else good at the used bookstore

Archive Station: lol so far the archive chat has been full of friends

Archive Station: the book store was fullll of treats. A good mix of odd, newer books and old hits. And a really good selection of sections. Every shelf is a new catagory

Archive Station: the used book store and the festival share an instinct to bring together different approaches to knowledge

Archive Station: and this particular book store was very social

Archive Station: in fact two old friends re-united having not seen one another for 20 years.

laurel: how does LJ bring together different approaches to knowledge?

Archive Station: and one friend recounted all the gory detail of their divorce. LOUDLY!

laurel: woah divorce deets

Archive Station: LJ makes space for teachers to teach what they want, which one might argue could be homogenizing, but it seems to give a good mix of prespectives

Archive Station: its a good followup question to my very blunt assertion.

laurel: ah yes i remember you saying that now!

laurel: are you having fun in the lounge?

laurel: have you gotten to design the lounge?

Archive Station: design?

Archive Station: it was set up great when we arrived! i think Jared did it. (?)

laurel: move things around hang scarves mood lighting

laurel: aha

Archive Station: the two big couches face one another

Archive Station: the lighting is BLUNT. Overhead fluorescents for days

laurel: bellisimo

laurel: no

laurel: bellissimo

laurel: can i ask you to look for a book?

laurel: at the cool bookstore?

Archive Station: of course!

laurel: vibrant matter by jane bennett

Archive Station: we will search we will search

Archive Station: any book recommendations for a dance festival?

Archive Station: i need to stop calling it a dance festival! I am sorry all future readers!

laurel: what is it?

laurel: if it's not a dance festival?

laurel: i have a PDF rec

laurel: On Acting and Not-Acting by Michael Kirby

laurel: Performance Matrices

laurel: probably everyone there's read it.

laurel: news to my uneducated performance ideas

laurel: i also would like to recommend reading some fiction

laurel: i was going to say a specific author

laurel: but then realized that i like that writer for personal

laurel: reasons

laurel: that may not resonate.

laurel: and really the most important part

laurel: is to read fiction

laurel: my qi gong teacher would disagree

laurel: but i find that fiction allows for a different kind of thought

laurel: and relationship to language

laurel: to unfold

laurel: and can connect one to the abstract

laurel: poetry as welll, but that's a little different. poetry and dance seem very similar to me

laurel: 🌁

laurel: 👋

laurel left the chat

Archive Station: Thanks for the recommendations, laurel! A heated conversation about phenomenology and improvisation, and a lot of scanning, took over the Station for a moment..

Archive Station left the chat

ELLEN was timed out

Photo Documentation of October 4

OCTOBER 5, 2018

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Where is the edge between research and practice in your work?

What if the edges (plural) are the thing that reveal the between-ness of being which is the work? It is about work. My friend Justin Morrison often says something like 'the evidence of the work is visible in the work.'

Practice is research! Stay interested in the discoveries of the moment, and take time to reflect!

Even though I work in an academic institution I don’t really understand the word research. Surely everything we do is research. We are continually being challenged by life, and having to learn how to respond to those challenges in the most appropriate ways.

Therefore living is research, and I see no difference between my practice, my research and life. It’s all one.

in many cases, the practice is the research. learning by doing. knowing by doing.

Are those different things?

Chat Excerpt

joy!: Curious to hear more tooo

Timna: More could come things could change

Timna: Feels warm. Looks like a takeover. Nobody but lions Jake peeps around.

Timna: (In the studios and halls)

joy!: ok.... clear ... how does that feel? safe or...

Timna: Really want hearty vegan community meals. Made but me and you 😜

Timna: By*

joy!: or can you write a bit more? i am trying to get a sense and i am not there...

jArEd joined the chat

jArEd: hello! I'm in the middle of Kirstie Simson's class so I'm rudely poking my head in to say hello

jArEd: I love everyone- Kirstie is beautiful- my body is warm and lovely byyyyyee

joy! joined the chat

joy!: @Timna: YASSS hearty vegan community meals.

joy! joined the chat

joy! left the chat

BVB joined the chat

downstairs lair: hello from the registration desk, the sound of construction or jackhammer can be heard in the background

downstairs lair: sitting partnered, we wait for more people to join the festivities

downstairs lair: Time to sort tee shirts

downstairs lair: Jenny says "Sup Chatroom"

<h1>DAY 3, OCTOBER 5 2018</h1> <div class="row"> <div class="column left" style="background-color: yellow;"> OCT 5 </div> <div class="column middle" style="background-color: ;"> <h2> DAILY musings</h2> <h2>REFLECTIONS From TEACHERS</h3> <h3> <i>Where is the edge between research and practice in your work?</i><br><br> ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// <p class="email"> EMAIL<br> <u>Subject: netherlands</u><br> <img class="email" src="/lj2018/img/18.jpg"> </p> ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// <img class="scan" src=" 24.jpeg"><br><br> <img class="scan" src=" 25.jpeg"><br><br> <img class="scan" src=" 26.jpeg"><br><br> <img class="scan" src=" 27.jpeg"><br><br> <img class="scan" src=" 28.jpeg"><br><br> <img class="scan" src=" 29.jpeg"><br><br>



Return to circles, with Peter.

Performers: Heidi Henderson, Peter Schmitz
Sound/Music: "Unchained Melody" by Alex North and Hy Zaret
Description: Heidi adores Peter.

Séancers (excerpt)

Creation, Concept, Performance, and Installation Design: Jaamil Olawale Kosoko
Music: Original Live Composition and Accompaniment by Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste
Audio Samplings: Free, White, and 21, Jezebel Compilation Video by Andrew Heisel Halloween Soundtrack, Score by John Carpenter
Séancers: noun. plural
an ensemble of mediums who convene to receive spirit communications; to make contact with the non-living.
What does it mean to defend the dead? To tend to the Black dead and dying: to tend to the Black person, to Black people, always living in the push toward our death? – Christina Sharpe, In the Wake: On Blackness and Being


Performer: Anya Cloud
Sound/Music: Gotham City by YB MUZiK

Note: Special thanks to Karen Schaffman for seeing and responding in support of this work and all of my work.



created + performed by ALTERNATIVA [Kathleen Hermesdorf + Albert Mathias]
dance + set + costumes: Kathleen Hermesdorf
music + video + costumes: Albert Mathias

TONIC mines and combines physical and sonic alchemy, synergy, and struggle with imagery, magic and humor as ways to tend, mend, heal and transform, internally and externally. From sharp tongue to soft gut to hard edge of thin skin. From bitter to sweet, pathos to phoenix, shit to gold. To the edge of the cliff. To the heart of the matter. With blunt edges and blissful ignorance. With cynical abilities and overt vulnerabilities. With plastic and tinfoil, ginger and glitter, stones and smoke, lemons and extension cords, a microphone and a sharp knife. With an internal landscape disco. An altar/TV show set. A floating scene. Costume changes and role reversals. Eating and drinking. TONIC is a serious, luscious, ballistic and ridiculous examination of hope and hopelessness, offering simple and sublime recipes for what to do when you don't know what to do.

untitled excerpts from A Letter Compiled From All Letters (work-in-progress)

Performers: Maree ReMalia and Jil Stifel
Sound/Music: David Bernabo
Projection (if any): Gigi Gatewood with David Bernabo
Dramaturgy/Technical Director/any other supporters: Maree ReMalia (PA) collaborates with Lillian Cho (DC) and Gigi Gatewood (NY) to create ALCFAL; they work with Pittsburgh-based artists David Bernabo, Natalia Gomez, Susan Kuo, Moriah Ella Mason, and Jil Stifel to premiere the work June 14-15, 2019 at New Hazlett Theater (PA).

imadeamess …

offered up by thomas f. defrantz
music Vladimir Smirnov, H.E.R., Quran Karriem, Jimi Hendrix


Greetings All!
This year at Lion's Jaw we are building a LIVING ARCHIVE of the festival in the form of a website hosted in collaboration with Yonkers International Press, and developed in collaboration with Joy Mariama Smith. Please come check it out at ! to make this archive we are gathering materials from festival participants via a scanner in Green Street Studios, a public chat room on the archive website, and an email address. If you would like to offer your own reflection of the festival please send it via email to, or join us in the chat!
Thank you kindly.


Rayne entered for the first time

jArEd was timed out

jArEd joined the chat

jArEd: it's 7:30 am and I'm in a quiet house full of sleeping dancers is anyone here?

jArEd: I never know what time it is in other parts of the world without looking it up... I really want that. To 'know' time non-relatively

joy! joined the chat

joy!: ok buddy you could get that global clock. it is currently 13:56 here now and i have to walk to work. it's hot here today! so i will walk to work in is 19degrees


joy!: so i will check in later in my night time to see who and what is kicking around

joy! left the chat

TrainLife entered for the first time

TrainLife: I’m on a train! On the phone... seeing what’s up here. Xo

TrainLife: It’s beautiful here today. Sun and a bit of a chill.

TrainLife left the chat

downstairs lair joined the chat

downstairs lair: Yeah, we're having a really good time. 2 bodies at the the desk. 17 people in Heidi this morning and an estimated 18 people in Tommy - studio runner for Tommy gave a qualitative over quantitative count.

downstairs lair: Coffee is being consumed. General fatigue has not yet begun to effect how people communicate. People seem to have patience and bubbling excitement to practice and share.

downstairs lair: Larry followed me on Insta

downstairs lair: We at the downstairs layer wish all at LJ a wonderful Friday, and are here to support, suggest, guide and answer any questions.

downstairs lair: lair**

downstairs lair: and layer tho tbh

downstairs lair: Michael is wearing 4 top layers, and 2 bottom layers. Molly is wearing pink floral pants that have some give to their structure. The estimated low for today is 43 degrees, so we hope word gets out to buy a sweater if one does not have one. "Should we point out that Good Will is just around the corner?" Good Will is just around the corner.

downstairs lair: it is also in the space here at GSS

annnnyyaaa entered for the first time

annnnyyaaa: hello. I love what's going on over there

Archive Station joined the chat

Archive Station: hey hey hey chat!

Archive Station: Archive station live from upstairs!

Archive Station: been dealing with some tech glitches but glad to be chilling in the chat lifestyle

downstairs lair: what glitches in particular? you said toner?

Archive Station: couldn't find toner anywhere! staples/target..

Archive Station: and then some issues downloading images to put in the site..

Archive Station: and then some new materials that need to go into the program before being printed

Archive Station: but it will sort nbd

Archive Station: up here is pretty chill, classes seem pretty gentle

Archive Station: Delany and Jared are figuring out tech stuff for the performances tonight

Archive Station: how was attendance today? lots of new people?

downstairs lair: I have faith in your abilities

downstairs lair: gentle morning embodiment with Heidi and Tommy

downstairs lair: no noobies, all people from yesterday, will update in the next 30 minutes. hoping for more drop-in, several day passes not yet picked up

Archive Station: totes

downstairs lair: re: feelings at the festival, a friend and former person I danced with just walked in. Went from seeing her once a week, to not so often. She just came in and we shared a long hug, and I am very happy that this place is a happening that brings people to each other. downstairs lair: chat room/diary/excess

Archive Station: that's a really beautiful moment.

Archive Station: its funny. what the festival <>

Archive Station: up here is bubbly and social

Archive Station: and one of the classes is leaving the space

Archive Station: im sure you will the them walking down and out soon by

Archive Station: *im sure you will see them walking out soon

Archive Station: they are being silent

Archive Station: they made us silent

downstairs lair: I wanna know where they are going

downstairs lair: and want to abandon my post

downstairs lair: am listening to their distance

downstairs lair: people steadily returning from their adventure

Archive Station: two people (one of them the teacher) have come back from the class

Archive Station: maybe the rest aren't far behind

downstairs lair: about 12 people have reentered

Archive Station: oh wait, here they are.

downstairs lair: some smile

downstairs lair: some turn around and address the space

downstairs lair: their eyes seem to be working a little differently

Archive Station: they remain silent

downstairs lair: there is a change in how they are performing and observing

downstairs lair: there is a dance that has begun in the downstairs lair

downstairs lair: their actions appear to be about a deepening in observation

downstairs lair: a scarf was just draped over the stairs

downstairs lair: there was a man that just entered, upon being greeted

downstairs lair: he muttered something under his breath

downstairs lair: and then cursed under his breath, something like, "fucking idiots"

downstairs lair: misquote for sure, but I don't think he intended to be heard

downstairs lair: the aforementioned change is in comparison to how they left

downstairs lair: thinking on how much space i am taking up here, but also think i may be competing for most time spent in the room & active in the room. Molly pointed out that we are a collective identity, as in 4 as 1. So, to calculate I am wondering do we divide the total time by 4?

Archive Station: I will pass by momentarily to go out. do you want anything? can i bring you anything?

Archive Station: You are down there until 2 today? By then end of the festival will you have spent the most time in the lair?

downstairs lair: I am kinda hungry and would love a kombucha if that is a item you can retrieve on your journey, and it doesn't take you too far out.

downstairs lair: I am here until 2. I am uncertain if I will spend the most.

Archive Station: A kombucha you shall have. Im going to go to the coop. xx brb

Archive Station: (/see you in a sec on my way out)

downstairs lair: pointing out that archive station did not put up an away message

Archive Station: i didn't know howww

Archive Station: its a lazy morning

downstairs lair: el oh el

Archive Station: this year feels moooooore familial this year

Archive Station: i don't know if its just because there are lots of repeats, or its because its the second I've (ben) have been here

Archive Station: but it feels very lovey this year

Archive Station: do you think so?

downstairs lair: I (fig) am in agreement

downstairs lair: I (Molly) am also in agreement

downstairs lair: A report from the outside world: I spotted 6 Lion's Jaw Partcipants between Green Street and Life alive. One in front of Harvest Coop (RIP), one inside target, two outside of Life Alive and two in Life Alive. A lot of people like vegetables.

Squire entered for the first time

Squire: Lol

jArEd joined the chat

jArEd: I'm listening to morrissey in the lounge

jArEd: and there are 12 bodies here

Rayne joined the chat

jArEd: I feel as if I'm publicly having the smae conversations here again and again and it starts to feel weird or performative

Archive Station: hiiiii

Archive Station: yall, is lion's jaw a lovefest?

Archive Station: it feels really squishy today

Rayne: Tihs is my first year and experience with Lion's Jaw. Truth: I am supprised by how tired I am and how challenging some of the meditative/somatic practices are... Im questioning my endurance and limitations

Archive Station: yeah? how are the classes? can you say more?

Archive Station: I'm super curious, as i have not been dancing, and mostly been LIVE ARCHIVING

jArEd: yeah I hear you... it's interesting to explore capacity

jArEd: and what muscles we have strength or endurance in

jArEd: also where are the second and third winds and are they coming??

Rayne: haha The classes are great... Its just funny how direct/specific/simple a lot of the task are and the body feels after... like the classes seem long and extremely short at the same time

Archive Station: its a lot of concentrating on quite simple exercises you mean?

jArEd: haha yes

Archive Station: and that's exhausting?

Rayne: yes. lol

Archive Station: got it

Archive Station: I wish this room had a window!

Archive Station: (but i also like the cave)

Rayne: But its weird because im super into endurance training and beating what i could do yesterday, so I feel like im losing in some way lol

Archive Station: is Green Street Studios the ideal space for lion's Jaw?

Archive Station: oh really? that's more interesting than my question

Archive Station: I've just been thinking a lot about how specific this experience is to this building?

jArEd: weren't you set to do Alternativa? did you change your mind?

jArEd: (cross talk)

Archive Station: (cross talk)

Rayne: I was. I've beent trying to follow what I need and discovering that its slightly different from what i signed up for 🙊

Archive Station: So much of this festival seems to be about the socializing... maybe its related to the fact that people are also exhausted in a specific way, and it softens them up to being social

Archive Station: oh oh! What did you think you singed up for?

Archive Station: more phrase work? less phrase work?

Archive Station: lol

Rayne: I thought there would be more phrase work.. im not disappointed, and heidi's was definitely more phrase work!

Archive Station: Can i ask a personal question?

Rayne: yes..

Rayne: Also, I am dealing wiht hte guilt of exhaustion hahah

Archive Station: what are your dance aspirations?

Archive Station: are you dancing for a living? for fun? for research..?

Archive Station: 😊

Rayne: that's a personal question? I thought it would be a lot Jazzier lol

Archive Station: haha oops

Rayne: Currenlty, I am only dancing. I relocated from NYC to LA in May and have been "giging" since

Archive Station: gotcha gotcha

Rayne: I think dancing is clarifying its importance in my life!!! like I want to only be doing it

Rayne: only

Rayne: nothing else

Archive Station: and you came to Lion's Jaw to... improve? network?

Rayne: no more waiting tables would be great.. However; I am poor; I have student debt; I need to eat (sometimes)

Archive Station: amen amen amen

Rayne: I cam to Lion's Jaw because I have dance crushses on most of the faculty. I also have wanted to do this program for the past two years. I am interested in performance and asking myself what qualifies as such and I feel like the community here are curious about hte same things

Rayne: Also this is a super energizing place and its nice to feel like I am learning something new everyday! I like everyone here!

Archive Station: it is a love fest!

Rayne: Holly just gifted me a sweet potato salad!

Archive Station: Is there a scene like this in LA?

Rayne: you know... thats a good question. I havent been there long enough, but i dont think so.

Rayne joined the chat

Squire joined the chat

Archive Station joined the chat

Ven Ban Buren (test) joined the chat

Bena Zibler entered for the first time

Ven Ban Buren: OK OK

Ven Ban Buren: HI

Bena Zibler: hi Ven

Ven Ban Buren: this is a sham chat

Ven Ban Buren: bc we are sitting across form one another

Ven Ban Buren: *from

Bena Zibler: #againstFORM

Ven Ban Buren: hey Bena

Ven Ban Buren: and we know one another

Ven Ban Buren: maybe that's worth acknowledging

Bena Zibler: It's true

Bena Zibler: And we arranged this encounter by email

Bena Zibler: sort of

Ven Ban Buren: yeah, so this is a staged talk into the comp

Ven Ban Buren: You organize Fleet Moves which is (was?) another festival that also took place in MA.

Ven Ban Buren: and that's where we met.

Bena Zibler: yes! we also had mutual friends that brought us into orbit with each other

Ven Ban Buren: bless them!

Ven Ban Buren: what have you been up to more recently? Fleet Moves last happened as a Festival (capital F) innnnn 2017, is that right? What has filled your time since?

Ven Ban Buren: (leading question BC I KNOW, but the people the world maybe do not)

Bena Zibler: 2016 actually

Ven Ban Buren: (I am having a hard time not actively making eye contact with you right now!) lol

Bena Zibler: i moved to LA to start (hey) a PhD program, which made it hard to continue performing in the administrative aspects of the festival

Bena Zibler: (a

Bena Zibler: (i'm not sure if it's an is or was)

whodis? (joy!) joined the chat

whodis?: hello chat room

Bena Zibler: Anyway, I'm in LA reading a lot about improvisation and supplementing it with some books on (and critiques of) phenomenology

Bena Zibler: hi JOY!

Ven Ban Buren: hi JOY!

Ven Ban Buren: Ven and Bena here, catching up.

Ven Ban Buren: @Bena

Ven Ban Buren: and what brought you to Lion's Jaw?

whodis?: man i thought i was being clever i wanted to try and use a n ailias

whodis?: it is 10:21 here

Bena Zibler: wow where's that?

Bena Zibler: @Ven I came to Lion's Jaw for a lot of reasons. 1- I met Jared Williams at an odd dance experience in Buffalo where we became fast friends. I've been curious about this fest and decided to say FUCK FOMO, just GO this year

Bena Zibler: And I also am trying to find ways to think from/through movement while i immerse myself in a lot of reading and writing whodis?: (i am in the netherlands... right now in amsterdam)

whodis?: carry on...

Bena Zibler: And I'm really interested in hearing what other movers/makers here are interested in

Bena Zibler: Wow. So it's kinda late

Bena Zibler: Half of me thinks it's 1:23 because I came from Los Angeles

Bena Zibler: Straddling time

Ven Ban Buren: And you mentioned yesterday that Tommy (DeFrantz) is also dealing with Phenomenology in his work?

Ven Ban Buren: And you took his class this morning

Bena Zibler: Yes! Tommy's description was a prime motivator for me

Bena Zibler: I took his class on afroFuturequ##r

Ven Ban Buren: can you describe it a bit?

Bena Zibler: I think we will discuss phenom on Sunday

Ven Ban Buren: ok. After these first hours fo the LIVING ARCHIVE we have few instances of actual descriptions of classes. and while its not mandatory it would be nice to hear about if you are game!

Ven Ban Buren: How'd the class go?

Bena Zibler: sure thing

Bena Zibler: First, we introduced ourselves and discussed our relationship to afrofuturism and futurequ##rness...

Bena Zibler: I think we all had really different ideas about what those words meant

Bena Zibler: [in the background, i'm noticing a tiny bit of carefulness caused by my awareness that this will go into print, and my feeling of a lack of authority to describe this class]

Ven Ban Buren: fair enough fair enough

Ven Ban Buren: maybe I can ask you more generally about Phenomenology... and try to get Tommy in here to talk about class!

Bena Zibler: so one of the lightbulbs that went off in my head was that, while i have been interested in afrofuturism and queer futurities

Bena Zibler: ...

Ven Ban Buren: or go for it!!

Ven Ban Buren: lol

Bena Zibler: i have never (as a white straight person) imagined myself within those futures

Bena Zibler: and what i took away from the class was an invitation to participate in the imagination and inhabiting of other futures

Bena Zibler: and i also appreciated that i am already entangled with the histories that produced this present

Bena Zibler: as it is lived in multiple ways by different people

Bena Zibler: one other thing that feels important

Bena Zibler: is the difference between enlightenment (as the fiction of a shared answer, an agreement on what is possible) and WORLDMAKING, which allows for multiple possibilities

Ven Ban Buren: from whence the term WORLDMAKING?

Ven Ban Buren: was this used in class?

Bena Zibler: I think you should definitely talk to Tommy more about it because the way he wove together many themes was incredible

Bena Zibler: Yes, Tommy literally wrote over the word enlightenment with "worldmaking"

Bena Zibler: I took a pic that will be in the book, I think

Ven Ban Buren: it is it is, its up on the site now

Bena Zibler: It includes the other themes we discussed, which we were invited to collectively track on paper

Bena Zibler: 👍

Ven Ban Buren: 👍

Ven Ban Buren: and then... phenomenology?

Ven Ban Buren: I feel like I have a sense of class, and am definitely wanting to talk to Tommy.

Ven Ban Buren: But how'd you end up focusing on phenomenology?

Ven Ban Buren: maybe you could share briefly what that word means to you?

Ven Ban Buren: and how you bring it into contact with performance practice?

Bena Zibler: Well, I really wanted to write about dance from an experiential perspective, rather than through choreographic analysis (which is also great)

Bena Zibler: And I was interested in the ways that specific approaches to dancing require dancers to modify or specialize their sensing/perceiving

Bena Zibler: I was also interested in how specific approaches to dancing affect dancers' sensory appreciation of what is happening in their environments

Bena Zibler: So phenomenology, which is (as I understand it—and it's kind of new for me) is about studying experience through the mode of description

Bena Zibler: It centers the body as a site of knowledge, which is exciting to me

Bena Zibler: but canonical texts are mostly written by (surprise!) straight white male philosophers

Bena Zibler: But there have been several juicy interventions that I'm aware of

Bena Zibler: Sara Ahmed - Queer Phenomenology

Bena Zibler: Elizabeth Grosz - Volatile Bodies

Bena Zibler: They both assert the question of -- how are experiences shaped not only by our geographic/spatial location and the objects we associate with, but how are they also informed by our social/cultural positioning

Bena Zibler: ??

Bena Zibler: And I particularly love how Ahmed talks about disorientation

Ven Ban Buren: how's that?

Bena Zibler: If orientation - finding ourselves - getting organized - staying on the sidewalks - pairing off into heteronormative couples - climbing capitalist ladders

Bena Zibler: are forms of orienting

Bena Zibler: how can we understand disorientation as a productive place that reveals the limitations of orientation?

whodis?: (love sara ahmed-great book i used it in my thesis sortof)

Bena Zibler: how can we understand micro-aggressions, for example, as a form of re-orienting people?

Bena Zibler: YES!

Bena Zibler: I'm sure you have a more nuanced reading

Bena Zibler: I'm just getting started with this

Ven Ban Buren: Joy, are there any questions or interjections popping up for you?

Bena Zibler: I also wanted to say that James J Gibson, famous perceptual psychologist and the more contemporary Alva Noë describe disorientation as anti-perception

Bena Zibler: perception can't take place in disorientation

Bena Zibler: which makes me wonder if they dance / perform

Ven Ban Buren: I'm really interested to return to a word you used in your description of phenomenology "description"

Bena Zibler: because so many here seem interested in managing states of disorientation to REVEAL something previously obscured Bena Zibler: but that requires that you modify your systems for understanding/integrating/classifying what you perceive

Bena Zibler: your landmarks, if you will

Bena Zibler: your ways of navigating

Ven Ban Buren: Description is? your landmarks? and ways of navigating?

Bena Zibler: Oh the description thing is kind of beautiful

Ven Ban Buren: do you want to say more about it?

Bena Zibler: The way I understand it is that phenom uses description to study experience, but assumes starting out that the fact of having body implies PERSPECTIVE (does it bother anyone if I use caps for emphasis)?

Bena Zibler: ?)

Ven Ban Buren: not AT ALL

Ven Ban Buren: 🙂

Bena Zibler: So if we are seeing through and as our bodies, our bodies will always be facing a certain way

Bena Zibler: and our bodies actually cover up certain perspectives that cannot be occupied by others while we are in them

Bena Zibler: (spatially, maybe it's easier to picture)

Bena Zibler: like if i'm sitting in this chair looking at you, you can't also be sitting in this chair

Ven Ban Buren: because we are MATERIAL

Ven Ban Buren: yes

Bena Zibler: and you can't see the chair because my butt is on it

Bena Zibler: [sorry]

Ven Ban Buren: lol

Bena Zibler: so i'm drawn to description because it's always an incomplete thing

Bena Zibler: never a totalizing truth

Bena Zibler: and depends on a variety of factors

Bena Zibler: (for ex: i paid money to come to lion's jaw...i have social connections to the organizers...i have some money to spend on dance experiences)

Bena Zibler: i fit in this chair

Bena Zibler: i feel comfortable in this social configuration.... and on and on and on

Bena Zibler: So anyway, Ahmed and Grosz (and I'm sure MANY others)

Bena Zibler: have pointed out the limitations of phenomenology based on the limitations of a white male perspective

Bena Zibler: and they have really enriched the conversation about what shapes our experiences

Bena Zibler: and i'm interested in how some improvised dance forms do a kind of phenomenology

Bena Zibler: and how they also make assumptions about the universality of their proposals

Bena Zibler: but you know what else is great???

Ven Ban Buren: what??

Bena Zibler: (also, say UNCLE anytime)

Ven Ban Buren: NEVER

Bena Zibler: (when you've had enough of this...anyone)

Ven Ban Buren: but I have a question?

Ven Ban Buren: please say what's great!

Bena Zibler: So what's great is....

Bena Zibler: That artists/dancers/makers seem to be part of a dialogue with each other

Bena Zibler: presenting counter-practices that account for / blow open each others' blind spots

Bena Zibler: I"m thinking specifically about an example

Rayne joined the chat

jArEd joined the chat

Bena Zibler: I have studied Nancy Stark Smith's Underscore, which seems almost all encompassing -- as if the 40-odd glyphs encompass any possible action or perception possible inside of a contact improvisation jam

Bena Zibler: but then I had the gift of studying with Nia Love

jArEd: I was trying to crack anya cloud's back

Ven Ban Buren: hi Jared

Ven Ban Buren: lol

Bena Zibler: who placed the underscore inside of a cypher, shredding it, recontextualizing, and re-inscibing the glyphs in a new context Bena Zibler: inscribing

jArEd: hello

Bena Zibler: can i say it again?

Bena Zibler: NIA LOVE

Bena Zibler: check her out

Ven Ban Buren: What is the role of language in rendering phenomenological descriptions?

Bena Zibler: is there gonna be a works cited for this chat?

Bena Zibler: shit

Bena Zibler: i think it's pretty limited to/by language

Bena Zibler: but that's not to say we should imagine new ways of doing/dancing it Bena Zibler: TOMMY?

Ven Ban Buren: is the same true of dance/perfomrance forms?

Bena Zibler: 🙂

Ven Ban Buren: lol

jArEd: oh Nia LOve! I'm so excited to learn more about that

whodis?: (on the subject of nia's: also check out NIA KING)

jArEd: we spoke briefly last year and I'm looking forward to you telling me about that experience... she's powerful

jArEd: I'm just a man in a room in sportswear

jArEd: How can I possibly pick up where Zena left off?

Ven Ban Buren:

jArEd: (Zena Left)

Bena Zibler: im' changing my pants

Bena Zibler: i feel different

Ven Ban Buren: Bena!

Ven Ban Buren: don't go!

Ven Ban Buren: we are just getting going!

Ven Ban Buren: I want to know what phenomenology adds to dance!

Bena Zibler: i know!

Bena Zibler: i want to keep talking

Bena Zibler: and i want to check in after checking in with TOmmy D

Ven Ban Buren: is it a lens or is it possible way of teaching?

Bena Zibler: I'm not sure yet...

Ven Ban Buren: do you think about it when you dance?

Bena Zibler: I think some dancing is actually doing phenomenology

Bena Zibler: I study dances that experiment with the dancer's perception as a starting point

Bena Zibler: so there's an assumption there that what you're paying attention to is informing your actions and your perceptions are informed by where you're standing and how you are moving

Bena Zibler: [SOUNDS FAMILIAR, right?]

Ven Ban Buren: LOL yesS

Bena Zibler: And then at the same time, there's a privilege to being in a safe plcae where you can experiment with your perception

Bena Zibler: like....

Bena Zibler: is an expanded consciousness part of American lust for the FRONTIER?

Ven Ban Buren: is it expand consciousness or is it religious piety?

Bena Zibler: Is the dance studio (in its emptyness) part of that?

Bena Zibler: I think it's both

Ven Ban Buren: a sense of being dwarfed by the largess of the Divine

Bena Zibler: I think it's also possible because of intersection with Eastern spiritual traditions

Bena Zibler: so there's a lot there

Bena Zibler: yeah

Ven Ban Buren: how then do we find actionable inroads to political action?

Bena Zibler: i think one way is to look at what's scripting our seeing/feeeling

Ven Ban Buren: are we working to find a way of seeing differently?

Ven Ban Buren: [sorry]

Ven Ban Buren: yes

Bena Zibler: not just seeing, let's bring in the other senses

Bena Zibler: as a white person, thinking about phenomenology is also thinkign about positionality, and questioning the mechanisms that not only shape how i see (feel, touch), but what i SEE-AS

Bena Zibler: how do i interpret

Bena Zibler: decide what's worth paying attention to?

Ven Ban Buren: is that what interpretation is?

Bena Zibler: I suppose

Bena Zibler: but in phenomenology, we see things as already having meaning, even before we interpret cognitively

Bena Zibler: we see AS something

Bena Zibler: I don't just see the fridge as an abstraction

Bena Zibler: I see it as what it can do for me

Bena Zibler: (sort of cynical)

Bena Zibler: or i see it as a threat

Ven Ban Buren: what about the work of art?

Ven Ban Buren: does it enjoy a special status?

Bena Zibler: fuck

Ven Ban Buren: because if I think back to HIGH MODERNISM than I think about how such critics as Greenberg

Ven Ban Buren: would argue that interpretation...

Bena Zibler: ben this is a cliffhanger

Bena Zibler: i'm sorry but i have to go

Bena Zibler: yes - in the west, we continually fetishize art as outside of all the other shit

Ven Ban Buren: or that the INTENTION of the author is not something that can be called upon when interpreting the meaning of a work of art

Bena Zibler: i think art is always being seen in a context

Bena Zibler: and that context changes and is specific to the perceiver and the time and the place

Bena Zibler: and i think there's a lot of investment in designating art as a special zone (and sports maybe) where politics/life can't enter

Bena Zibler: a refuge

Ven Ban Buren: of course, but how can the limits of that situation be shared by a group

Ven Ban Buren: ?

Bena Zibler: and it both is and isn't

Bena Zibler: (for me)

Ven Ban Buren: how do we find ways of being in touch with strangers?

Bena Zibler: i still have to go

Ven Ban Buren: ...ok

Bena Zibler: jaamil might way though gestures of radical intimacy

Ven Ban Buren: lol im kinda just pulling you leg at this point to!

Bena Zibler: say**

Bena Zibler: i feel it

Bena Zibler: am feeling it

Ven Ban Buren: YOU

Bena Zibler: can we take this up again on or off the chazz?

Ven Ban Buren: I guess I want answers

Bena Zibler: chat

Ven Ban Buren: YES

Ven Ban Buren: chzz

Ven Ban Buren: chazz

Bena Zibler: 💗

Ven Ban Buren: 💔

Bena Zibler: you're really good at typing

Ven Ban Buren: Bibbler is gone. Anybody around?

Ven Ban Buren: lol

Ven Ban Buren: Jooooy?

Rayne: hi joy.. im a fan. thanks for what you give 🙂

whodis?: i am still here. seriously

whodis?: @rayne... thank you for saying that! 🙂i really am doing my best

whodis?: did a class just start/end? what is happening. it was full for a minute and then not so full now

whodis?: i also realized that i thought in a chat room... it was actually more like a house so i had it in my head that many chats could happen at once..but that is not true at all.

whodis?: it's really a dyad...

whodis?: i wanted to tell someone about work today because things took a nice turn from yesterday...

Archive Station: whats up whats up?

Archive Station: how was work?

Archive Station: And yes, a class started.

whodis?: thank you archive station!

Archive Station: And totally, it's really a conversation stadium... it's hard to have a long-form group chat. 🙂

jArEd joined the chat

jArEd: Joy! I miss you

whodis?: ok today... today alex was very sweet to me. which was good because yesterday you (or someone ) may remember, he was doing the moste. so today i was already super grumpy. i was not going to take him to the park. i just was not having any shennanigans. (miss you too jared come to ponderosa) so today he told me about school recited two poems and sang one song.

Archive Station: two poems and a song? brilliant. sounds like Lion's Jaw

whodis?: but here is the kicker... he sang me two songs that he made up! one song was when we were painting a picture of 'obelix and asterix' this frech shit. so thoes two both wear helmets and he was saying what color they were which was grey

jArEd: I plan on it really soon. what were those song like?

jArEd: I love that comic- I used to read it when I was little

whodis?: he was also using all the paint colors so the paint water.. so the water turned grey... (hang on for the songs)

whodis?: [pretty sure that shit is racist agaist everyone look at it again]

whodis?: so the first song was 'i like grey, i like grey, i like grey i like grey'🎶

whodis?: it wasy pretty dope.

Archive Station: awww lovely

jArEd: wow

whodis?: the 2nd song was after i had chased him around the bedroom naked for a while... wait he was naked i was chasing him. hahaha 🙂 to get him to take a damn shower

jArEd: the grey song

jArEd: insta-love

jArEd: yes now that I think of it's racists and sexist and all sorts of phobic

Archive Station: this sounds like a way better day from yesterday!

whodis?: so he look a shower and he did it very well and he EVEN cleaned his penis the proper way- which is important and he is learning how to do because he's four and and has forskin... so he has to that shit himself... and he did it!

Archive Station: ef yes, Alex!

whodis?: so he gets out and puts on his towel robe... and is laughing and hugging me and asking me to tie the robe up nice so he can be like a boker

whodis?: i mean boxer

Archive Station: a boxer with a cape?

Archive Station: ahhh

Archive Station: no i understand

whodis?: and then he sings me the following song: 🎶 'i like your hair , i like your hair , i like your hair🎶 i like your hair...

whodis?: then we took my hair and gave me a mustache and a beard and laughed. and he touched my hair. but in this case it was ok.

whodis?: because i haven't taught him yet not to go around touching black folx hair without asking... i mean he's four.

Archive Station: he's jsut learning to clean his penis

whodis?: no like a.. rocky or something like a figther in a room.

whodis?: YES

whodis?: thank you.i really wanted to tell (you) someone that, because yesterday was some BULLSHIT

Archive Station: (yeah i got the boxer thing.. took a second)

Archive Station: and now you are home? winding down?

whodis?: jared what's good ?

Archive Station: Jared has left his computer...

whodis?: i have no home i am homeless but yes i am the place i will sleep. and i am just drinking mineral water and eating pretzel sticks

Archive Station: (not the homless part)

Archive Station: (*homeless)

whodis?: i think i should go... because i feel like i am dominating the chat room

Archive Station: Not hardly!

whodis?: i like it when there are more people and it gets confusing..

Archive Station: Actually, can we ask: how does Lion's jaw look from afar??

whodis?: is that ok? sure. it doesn't look like anything.

whodis?: i mean. i was there last year so when i see photos it looks like it looked last year.

whodis?: and i always wonder why people want to scan their hands...

Archive Station: ha

whodis?: right now it feels like i am looking in a snow globe and lionsjaw is a closed system... that is in a bigger system...and i am looking in... but things are obsureed somehow because i am not IN the snowglode

whodis?: globe...

Archive Station: right.. how can we work to grack the Globe glass?

Archive Station: *crack

Archive Station: what kind of info do you find yourself craving?

whodis?: i mean i don't know. i am just not there... i don't want to be there... and i am not sold on the fact that the globe glass begs to be cracked

whodis?: i overheard a conversation the other day about festivals and it heterotopia.. hang on

Archive Station: ok

Ven Ban Buren left the chat


whodis?: yes that is the word. festivals are a form of heterotopia. and with that i must fuck off gently into this great night.

whodis? left the chat

Archive Station: From Wikipedia : Heterotopia is a concept elaborated by philosopher Michel Foucault to describe certain cultural, institutional and discursive spaces that are somehow ‘other’: disturbing, intense, incompatible, contradictory or transforming. Heterotopias are worlds within worlds, mirroring and yet upsetting what is outside. Foucault provides examples: ships, cemeteries, brothels, prisons, gardens of antiquity, fairs, Turkish baths and many more. Foucault outlines the notion of heterotopia on three occasions between 1966-67. A talk given to a group of architects is the most well-known explanation of the term. His first mention of the concept is in his preface to 'The Order of Things' and refers to texts rather than socio-cultural spaces.[1]" Archive Station left the chat

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Office Boxer: Woooohooooo danse!

Office Boxer flipped a coin. The coin showed: Tails

Office Boxer flipped a coin. The coin showed: Heads

Office Boxer flipped a coin. The coin showed: Tails

Office Boxer flipped a coin. The coin showed: Tails

Office Boxer asked for the time: 2018-10-05 23:16:07 UTC

raoni entered for the first time

raoni: i'm so confused about this chat room. but i like it. i loved reading about alex nd the songs, and the naked chasing into shower. raoni: also chatrooms are everything!

raoni: today i wrote a letter that was really draining hard and confusing raoni: and i had a grindr date. i had green mocha chai latte. which was delicious. and the person was puerto rican, but sounded like a narrator from national geographic. sooo white!

raoni: he was mansplaining a lot. making general statements, about how life works. etc. gender stuff came up. i got insecure about my intelligence. feeling like i had to prove myself to this person.

raoni: YET i stayed, and we talked for almost 3h. he later texted me if i wanted to go to a play party with him. to watch together. i said i want to go to playparties that are queer and center BPOC and. i asked him if he was family, as in queer.

raoni: he answered: lol i'm as straight as a circle and i'm a boy from the islands and love people from all cultures and skin colors. raoni: what do you think this means?

Office Boxer was timed out

outside (whodis?) joined the chat

outside: oh! from outside @raoni...when you get this. i think it means that he is not straight and if you are up for you it you can find out more. rememebring that you can always leave when you want to

outside: obviously it is too early across the pond but when someone checkis in on here can you give me a somatic poem response to the performances last night? or describe them?

outside: i look forward to hearing from you

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Photo Documentation of October 5

OCTOBER 6, 2018

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Q—How do you currently relate to your own economy of resources—abundance, scarcity, sharing etc.?

A— I work my ass off all the time. I mostly support myself financially through teaching as a Lecturer in Dance Studies at Cal State Univ San Marcos. All of my other professional teaching, choreographic, and performance work I choose to do because I want to do it and I believe in it. And I am thrilled when I get paid decently - sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. The ongoing under-funding of dance in the United States is incredibly depressing. I am repeatedly astounded at the resilience, fortitude, innovation, and generosity of dance artists. We are our biggest resource. How can we practice being more transparent within dance about what we have and we don't have economically? How can we all be more generous? I believe in sharing. It is something to practice/research in perpetuity. I believe in the politics of generosity. So I suppose that in the end for me the conversation about dance and resources is also about love.

A—Scarcity is a capitalist myth. People are resilient; we always “have more than we need,” but must work to understand what is needed. How do you know what you need?

A—I have been lucky in that I have been in full time employment for the past 12 years, but as I contemplate leaving the institution in the next year or two I am realizing I have to be very astute, strong and clear within myself in order to go out into this world at a time when things have never seemed so uncertain. Realizing that as an improviser I have been well prepared for the unknown and times of uncertainty. But I feel I need to make sure my ship is in order before I set sail.
I also realize we have a huge support system as dancers. We are used to times of uncertainty and to responding creatively. For myself I realize it’s time to speak out about the things I have learned over the last 40 years as an improvisation practitioner.

A—Scarcity of time. abundant brain with aging body means conflict of resources within me.

A—With pride, panic, prayer, preparatior and back-up plans.


Performance 2

Section from       Aire
                                                                 Solo for my Mother

Performer: Kirstie Simson
Sound/Music: One Dove by Antony and the Johnsons

Still Life No. 7

Performers and Choreographers: Lauren Simpson and Jenny Stulberg
Description: Still Life Dances is a series of movement studies based on 19th century still life paintings. This dance is based on John Frederick Peto's Job Lot Cheap from 1892. Book spines and window hinges, rendered through short brushstrokes, technical skill and compositional balance, shaped our ideas for this work.


Performer: Larry Arrington
Music: Ralph Stanley, Ralph Stanley & Clinch Mountain Boys


Lindenau (Rifle Club) party for the other siblings or Candy Corn Catches a Fish

Performance: Abby Crain and Layton Lachman
Music: Samuel Hertz
Dramaturgical and technical direction: Dag Andersson

send off (excerpt)

Choreographer, performer - Jesse Zaritt
Music - recorded text is an excerpt from Hanoch Levin's 1970 play: Queen of the Bathtub performed by Neil Harris, music is by Llain Jackson (sourcing loops of Me'shell Ndegeocello's Bitter)
Note - This performance is a 2018 reworking of a solo originally built in response to a collaborative duet project with Jumatatu Poe. send offwas first presented alongside a solo by Jumatatu at the Baryshnikov Arts Center through the sponsorship of Triple Canopy (NYC 2014).

"The Room of a Brief Invisible History"

performer/text: Peter B. Schmitz


Greetings All!
This year at Lion's Jaw we are building a LIVING ARCHIVE of the festival in the form of a website hosted in collaboration with Yonkers International Press, and developed in collaboration with Joy Mariama Smith. Please come check it out at ! to make this archive we are gathering materials from festival participants via a scanner in Green Street Studios, a public chat room on the archive website, and an email address. If you would like to offer your own reflection of the festival please send it via email to, or join us in the chat!
Thank you kindly.


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Train Life: @joy the performances went really well

Train Life: How to describe....

Train Life: Oops @outside I mean...

Train Life: Somatic Response:

Train Life: Standing on one leg

Train Life: Invited to see

Train Life: Often asked to listen

Train Life: After the long day wih everyone the gap between teachers and students is quite small. They are people on stage

Train Life: You can feel their calm and their nerves

TAN: @outside hmmmmmhmmmmhmmhmhhhmm rotate curvy circles through my body while I dance in a circle try to catch me. Heidi and Peter poem

TAN: @outside Burst and live like every piece of glitter in the world. Take it all in then sit there and listen to these words. “I need a liberating philiosphy coming from whiteness” listen listen listen. Jamil poem

jArEd joined the chat

jArEd: hi it's jared

jArEd: I'v been here weeping in the lounge

TAN: @outside bounce bounce bounce squat. Bounce bounce bounce squat... now sway... now sway... perform the limits of your body remember your power. Listen respond listen listen you can talk or just listen. Anya poem

jArEd: and the pieces last night so brave

jArEd: Tommy's

TAN: @outside intermission

jArEd: Anya being so patient until it happened

jArEd: 10 o'clock the parking lot next door opens for outside dancing/journaling/standing

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outside: ok. i got it. tahnk you this is lovely...i am in for the day hope someone joins me soon...

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Izik (Ven Ban Buren) joined the chat

Izik: hi :-0

Izik: hi joy!

Izik: hi everyone

Izik: somatic poem response: it didn't matter that my chair was uncomfortable

Izik left the chat

Rayne joined the chat

Rayne: Somatic Response poem: glitter and other relatable things

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misterfig: good afternoon festive people

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Rayne: is anyone out therer

Rayne: anyone!!!

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BVB joined the chat

BVB: hiiiiii

BVB: today is a day of a quite lounge

downstairs lair: the quietness feels tender

downstairs lair: somatic poem response: bravery that i feel my body comes online (gratitude) to be present with

downstairs lair: heyyyyyy

downstairs lair: Quote from Kirstie's workshop a few days ago: "We are lying on a living, breathing body with a fernace at the center, pushing us up into infinite space."

insideout joined the chat

insideout: ey

TAN: Heel through what’s available find what matters cherish what feels right follow the sacred geometry and you’ll never get lost. Explode with color. Explode with sound. Explode with glitter. Explode with ginger, turmeric, lemon, and honey. Beat out the eucalyptus. ALTERNATIVA poem

TAN: Replicate yourself. Dubplicate yourself. And talk and move with ur mirror. Now separate see how your different and how you move eachother. Now measure the length of your bodies and jump the measuring tape together. Marie & Jill poem insideout: oooo😉

TAN: Learn from your ancestors taken in their knowledge give them a voice. Explode till you you drop. Lick the air and drop. Be queer and drop. thomas de franz poem

TAN: Show ends 10:15pm

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insideout suggested a skin: #

insideout: I just discovered that you can change the background of the chat room by going to room action and then changing the room skin which is pretty cool check it out

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HONK!: Brass Bands in Davis Square


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BVB: hey hey, anyone in here?

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bean entered for the first time

BVB joined the chat

BVB: heeeeeey

Bed Roomer flipped a coin. The coin showed: Heads

Bed Roomer: hey!

BVB: you flipping coin's Bed Roomer?

BVB: how is it down there?

Bed Roomer flipped a coin. The coin showed: Tails

Bed Roomer: ....noooo....

Bed Roomer: but its delightful down ehre

Bed Roomer: three tickets sold already!

BVB: wow wow popular!

BVB: are we gonna sell out?

BVB: was last night sold out?

Bed Roomer: i don't know for sure. I know we have more people who have bought tickets already for tonight than last night

BVB: cool, cool, cool

Bed Roomer: do you by chance watch Community?

Kathryn entered for the first time

BVB: lol no alas i don't

BVB: why?

Bed Roomer: one of the major characters has a catch phrase thats "cool, cool, cool"

Bed Roomer: and so whenever i encounter the triple cool in the world, I'm curious

BVB: ha! that's funny! i was just thinking the other day that repeating affirmations is a vocal trope i have.. and don't know why

BVB: what's the crowd like down there?

BVB: hey Kathryn!

Kathryn: hi! I had to go move the ladder but I am back now

Kathryn: Things are good in here. We are opening the house in maybe 15-25 minutes

BVB: move a ladder?

BVB: hows the tech situation?

BVB: expecting a smooth show?

bean: @rayne’s pants are stunning

Bed Roomer: well, I was snacking on some goldfish, and stored that upon finishing. Sasha is currently eating a much better looking meal than that. we sold another ticket just now. but no one is hanging down here with us. it's cold

Kathryn: yes! We are doing a mic check right now.

BVB: yes bean!!

Kathryn: We are feeling as prepared as we can be right now so we expect things will go really well!

Bed Roomer: Rayne has some of the best outfits

BVB: truly a fashion icon

bean: i’m proposing a lion’s jaw fashion show next year to showcase all the excellent adidas and wide leg pants

BVB: knock on wood Kathryn

BVB: ha, bean yes, i think in general an extra-circular group activity would be fun

Kathryn: sure will!

BVB: how much tech time did each artist have anyway, Kathryn?

Shrimp entered for the first time

Kathryn: I think it was around 30 minutes for each artist, but some used less time allowing others a bit more

BVB: dam

BVB: whats up shirmp

Kathryn: Yep, the first tech night we ended around midnight and the second we left here at 1am.

Kathryn: Hard work but totally worth it!

bean: the communal napping is the first step, BVB

BVB: The lounge just got quite.....

BVB: yessssssssssss

Kathryn: Im going to do a final sweep of the space now. See everyone at the show!

BVB: see u at intermission nerd!

BVB: a lot of people have been sleeping in here, but never all at once

Shrimp: Yes agree with a fashion show

bean: gotta get a dog pile nap situation going on

Shrimp joined the chat

BVB: or maybe a literla sleepover

BVB: literal

Bed Roomer: a lions jaw sleep over, huh? like a lions den or something. i like it

BVB: ok. lets make it happen

BVB: hows the front of house?

BVB: any cool people coming tonight?

BVB: lol

Bed Roomer: I mean. I assume you'll be there. it don't get no cooler than that

BVB: shut ur damn mouth

Bed Roomer: but with the temperature in studio one during performance, no. no coolness. but a lot of hot folks 😉

BVB: are there lots of people from the hip boston scene on the list.....?

BVB: hhhhahaha

BVB: yeah i didnt realize how HOT it was until we came out after and it was so cooooooool

BVB: but describe someone

BVB: like what does this audience wear?


BVB: 😇👀

Bed Roomer: I'm alternating between this chat and peopling and other realms of the internet. so i apologize for my delays. hhhmmmmmmm. well, largely clothing has been the dominating factor in appearance. layers (its chilly out there), but nothing overtly notable yet. There as three men that looked like a son, father, and grandfather, so potentially three generations of one bloodline are present

Bed Roomer: the main thing is everyone enters, sees us, and then pauses, which is kind of a fun composition to notice

BVB: hahaa wait why?

BVB: is it not clear that you are a box offic?

BVB: *office?

BVB: and re: clothing, gotcha. let me know if there is any fashion of note

BVB: the lounge is goofy rn

BVB: Jared is talking like Batman

Bed Roomer: or it's not clear what they're supposed to say to us? Who knows.

Bed Roomer: Which batman

BVB: the new one

BVB: with the husky voice

BVB: are tickets expensive? relative to other shows in town? would you say?

Bed Roomer: hmmm....i dont normally see shows im not either in or comped for. The tickets are about the price of shows for one of the companies i dance with, if not a little bit less. but i'm not a good gauge on the average around town

Bed Roomer: im poor, and not a socialite. two things that dont result in seeing much that isnt comped haha

BVB: lol

BVB: getting busy?

BVB: the lounge is pretty packed with festival people. no one wants to sit in the theater yet

BVB: do lots of boston dance people come to lion's jaw? do some people stay away..?

Bed Roomer: a lot of people from the contact improvisation community have showed up between last night and tonight

BVB: cool cool cool

Bed Roomer: i havent seen as many contemporary professionals around

BVB: wow its really a part up here. two ppl brought beer! (sorry to teassssseeeee uuuu)

Bed Roomer: that arent already part of the festival


Bed Roomer: SHUSH

Bed Roomer: WEVE GOT

Bed Roomer: uhhh.....

Bed Roomer: nevermind. customers

Bed Roomer: weve got customers 😉

BVB: lllloooolllllllllll

BVB: why do the contemporary PROFESSIONALS stay away do you think?

BVB: you gotta be heating up down, its 17min to showtime

BVB: *down there...

Bed Roomer: im not sure. i know one of the companies i dance with has a photo shoot tonight. i tried advertising. but they're either from far out and dont want to commute, or teach all day and are lazy

Bed Roomer: or dont value any kind of dance that isnt from their bubble. which ive encountered a little bit of

BVB: sorry if that Q was a little too personal. but i gotcha, audience attendance over tow nights does not telll the whollle story of the festival

BVB: let me know when you come up to watch!

BVB: that's when ill dip.

Bed Roomer: haha no sorries friend!

Bed Roomer: weve got a steady flow of humans

Bed Roomer: which is exciting!

Bed Roomer: and this vending machine is getting all kinds of action

BVB: eff yes!

BVB: really??

BVB: i guess cuz we don't have a bar

BVB: fashion update?

Bed Roomer: still nothing too fantastic 😟

Bed Roomer: muggle


BVB: sooo mostly Patagonia and jeans.....? Plaid and sweat pants?

BVB: doc matrins and leather?

BVB: nudity?

BVB: Im bailing! gonna get a seat!

BVB: seeeeeeee yoooooouuuu soooooonnnn⏳

Bed Roomer: 💗

Bed Roomer: it's almost go time!

Bed Roomer flipped a coin. The coin showed: Tails

Photo Documentation of October 6

Photos of Performances from the Fleet

Tech Notes

OCTOBER 7, 2018

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Bloop: Mlem .Yeah!

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blahfemme: ok so! huzzah: good chats everyone great morning read. so there were performaces last night and also the thing happens tonight...

blahfemme: i wanted to ask again for somatic poem responses to performance last night, but then one-up that by also asking for computer generated poem of performances... let me see if i can link you to something..


blahfemme: sleep well/slaap lekker

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downstairs lair: A group young folks have just registered for Anya's Class. Probably our youngest participants to date. downstairs lair: Soundtrack at the Registration desk: Lion's Jaw was typed into the Spotify Search Bar. This is the current playlist downstairs lair: it's really calm and quiet downstairs and outside, the energy of a Sunday in Boston - solo pedestrians walking calmly by, breeze can be both heard and felt...a person came in just now to take a ballet class that occurs here every Sunday, tried to sell them on Aerobics at 11:30...didn't go over well.

downstairs lair: thoughts are coming to me about the differences between the two shows, and in particular, I am thinking about the framing around age and history that were present last night - the welcoming of projection, or maybe meeting things with your own history that was abundantly clear last night

downstairs lair: being raised Catholic, I thought I'd understand the biblical undercurrent that was present, but I didn't close read that way at all

downstairs lair: your = one's own

downstairs lair: a hunched woman asked me without breathing, "buy a cigarette from you for a dollar" x4, she held a red tool box her spine curved at the top

downstairs lair: highly recommend this "lion's jaw" search playlist

downstairs lair joined the chat

downstairs lair: began typing thoughts on last evening's show, and did the thing where you slide the touchpad to backspace, and lost a bunch of thoughts

downstairs lair: broken lineage something left undisturbed failure to image and potential of the grandmother you no longer and brought back to the mechanical non mechanic of the body organized and natural you have a history of wanting to penetrate the long lines of apathy built up in your familial residual break the break and you come back ready to soak, you, are literally moved, gathering for chairletics and the guns from before echoed both times all your dead relatives or maybe those you met on the street that disappeared and how do you emerge victorious or embrace what's to come over and next and after - it doesn't matter anymore he's gone/not doing it anymore, he said it himself and you get the idea of being with all the people in the samesimilar squeaking chairs, you count how many people have cried and know the almost approximate because you can see clearly inward and not outward - sad boi recounts in a line 10/6/18 2nd performance LJ

cannolio2 (Izik) joined the chat

cannolio2: currentlly in the upstair lair

cannolio2: headbanging w alex

downstairs lair: how is that going? neck support?

cannolio2: Molly hess just exited studio 2 in a white leotard covered in colorful splotches and bright blue sweatpants. wowow.

cannolio2: I got a wave. win.

cannolio2: oh DEFINITELY no neck support.

cannolio2: this chair back is giving me early onset kyphosis.

cannolio2: that's a hunchback for those of you who aren't taking anatomy for dancers this semester.

cannolio2: how's your neck support figgy fig? I feel like you could maybe lean you head up against the wall behind you...

downstairs lair: lol, definitely googled

downstairs lair: bachelor of fine arts in forgetfulness

cannolio2: Rayne just entered with beautiful blue flair pants and a big black suitcase

downstairs lair: switching between leaning and standing about every 5 minutes

cannolio2: asking what kyphosis is in a year I will definitely not remember

cannolio2: mm smart. like a good office job worker.

downstairs lair: Ben exited roughly 6 minutes ago saying Noli was standing guard at the archive station

cannolio2: oh should I be standing?

cannolio2: Rayne is now microwaving some questionable food

downstairs lair: Trisha said something like you can stand while sitting

cannolio2: update: it's linguini and tofu

cannolio2: oo oo oo

cannolio2: love that jewish lady

downstairs lair: el oh el, his entry involved a large suitcase and an internal negotiation about whether or not to abandon it here. Upon stating someone would be here until 5, he brought it with him as you see

cannolio2: Peter just entered. took off his lime green vest. I have never seen him without it. his striped shirt looks a lot more femme on it's own.

downstairs lair: and deep love

downstairs lair: what have you thought about your experience, how is book coming along?

downstairs lair: experience thus far (shows/classes/people)

cannolio2: mm people wise. realizing that it's all about showing up, having experiences, even short ones, over and over with people, in order to make dance feel like home and family. I remember at first being frustrated and not being able to notice that relationships were building, that I was connecting with people, and then as they started to sort of exponentially gather, I would come to places like Lion's Jaw and feel comfort and home in a way that I didn't expect, or didn't realize had been building all along. and of course it's still early but it's a relief and a joy to notice that happening.

cannolio2: classes...kathleen is totally blowing me out of the water. or maybe very much into the water. I had always been told to take w her and was ready for it for a while...and knew it would be great. I remember when I first started to get interest in post modern/new/experiemtnallalsknalk dance and I asked Sofia who her big main mentors/loves/dance ppl were. and she said Heidi and Kathleen and Kendra portier. and I made this little list on my phone and had no clue who they were. and slowly over time I've gotten to take with each of them which has been so fun and funny.

cannolio2: but yeah I feel like I'm went into Kathleen's class on Friday and was like, OH, I move like this?!!?!

cannolio2: an then I was like OH I MOVE LIKE THIS.

cannolio2: I mean there's always just this freedom in meeting a woman mentor who is fierce and uncompromising and also in that so loving and affirming. and then it feels genuine because I know she is so uncompromised. she so caring and effortful in her improvisation and then at the same time yells, NOBODY CARES. yknow? when she says it doesn't matter and no one cares how you look it's not like dismissive or cynical or hostile it's like she's just grinning and caring so much as she says "it doesn't matteR" and both those things at once for some reason can actually get through to me in a way they hadn't before. and I felt a new spaciousness to *actually* play and *actually* fuck up and *actually* be figuring out my relationship to the floor or whatever.

downstairs lair: that's also so rich and delicious

downstairs lair: agree with "mm people wise" text.

cannolio2: been thinking about being on break from college. the transition between here and home and knowing this is a time for dance and reflection but also my family hasn't seen me for a while and is wanting connection and updates and logistics. that's a really hard transition each day. when I get home and I'm ready to gush/reflect/rage/cry/stretch/touch/babble/repeat my day at the festival and my family only has so much attention for that. so understandable. but it's a hard landing/grounding. and then I'm also trying to rush to bed and get sleep. but then festivals/workshops where I haven't been at home and was staying with dancers the immersion can be so exhausting/sapping/isolating/frustrating and I'm begging for some sort of different texture from non-dancers or non-artists so I don't just sort of spiral in it.

cannolio2: I want there to be less of an edge between the worlds. but I also want to find ways for dance community to refresh itself, to talk about dance and not talk about dance and be together without and with having to make art.

cannolio2: how about you? any thoughts/perspectives as someone living and dancing in Boston regularly? and helping mold the festival from that place?

cannolio2: and yes. super delicious on Kathleen. but also feeding. like not all so rich that you feel too full or heavy or like it wasn't healthy and nourishing.

cannolio2: nice to hear you agree with the people wise text. especially as someone further along in their career who from my vantage point has a lot of home and family built here.

downstairs lair: ooh what's the different texture like?

cannolio2: been also realizing how much we all just want to be seen. not just in dance. I feel like part of the obsession w fame under advanced capitalism is that people feel like that's the ultimate way of being seen. like if you're famous, people are seeing you and hearing about you and thinking about you all over AND in the future, perhaps even once you die. and of course we know that that's bs and being famous is hard and horrible and not seen or cared for in a lot of ways. but there is also a smaller fame to be had in artist worlds/the dance world that's a little less ruinous but still so appealing and seductive. like then I will finally be seen. wondering how we make it clear that we're seeing each other, at all levels, and also that it's good and okay and important to do all the work that doesn't get seen. that that work can be just as validating and fulfilling.

downstairs lair: it's such a fine negotiation, I often wonder how much talking about dance is necessary to organizing around body practices, cause it's more dominant in my life that you either talk about dance when it happens, or talk about everything else and then dance doesn't emerge in conversations as often cause maybe it's a concentrated body of knowledge lull

cannolio2: different texture: lighter, wider, long strings extending, like it helps me look out and around to the horizon. it gets me external. it also makes me feel less dramatic 🙂

downstairs lair: I think of Heidi saying dense or fatty and that's what I thought of as rich, but now I realize it may not be the most accurate descript

cannolio2: *that needs to be a bigger smile 😄

cannolio2: mm totally. I was thinking more like indulgent/dessert/feel good in the moment. like type 1 fun

downstairs lair: I dunno, I think LJ is a distinct and defining point for the Boston experience, and I wish it could be longer or more frequent. It doesn't feel like labor being here

cannolio2: do you feel it's presence/after-image in the Boston community during the rest of the year? or does it sort of feel like a ghost in and out?

downstairs lair: it kind of feels like a ghost, as all the people who partake in dance in this city don't attend

downstairs lair: and there is a general feeling here, as I imaging happens elsewhere, but New Englanders tend to hone in and focus on themselves, and make money and close off often

downstairs lair: I've adapted to this lifestyle as well, and it makes me think how often do I need to soak in all the things, I know it's more than I get to. I just want more local stimuli, and it's both an unreal and real expectation.

downstairs lair: I am appreciative/grateful to be both a person making it and participating in it.

downstairs lair: it's a fascinating split of attention to be registering people and trying to respond in depth. Must follow up in person on this conversation.

downstairs lair: Or, I would like to continue chat irl tee hee

cannolio2: yes yes.

downstairs lair: 5 people have come through for drop-in and the card swiper is missing.

downstairs lair: 3 people have a pay after class situation.

downstairs lair: I am tired, and am so ready to do aerobics in this exhausted state

cannolio2: as someone in college, who grew up dancing in Boston, considering moving back to Boston, worried about lacking stimuli, also considering NYC/philly.... I want to come back because if we don't start coming back it won't grow. and also I was raised as a middle class white new englander obsessed with my own professional advancement and concerned for myself if I can't build the connections I want from here. but I really really want to help build.

cannolio2: yesss aerobics. are you going to go?

cannolio2: haven't checked in w ben. not sure if I'm allowed to go.

cannolio2: Boston is such a freaking uptight city though. especially the young population. can be real straight edge. even in the dance world.

downstairs lair: definitely, will be a little late. And I am happy you feel that way. We need all the people we can get. I think the one thing missing is leadership and there's often a lot of burn out.

cannolio2: simultaneously it is my LOVE and my city and I want to take ownership for it and it's people (esp the uptight white middle class ones) and find a way to stick with it

downstairs lair: re: uptight/straight edge...which is why we need people that are engaged in what they want to make versus what they are told to do, here.

cannolio2: mm. shall we lead together? shall we gather a leadership group to try and make the work sustainable and fun? shall we go to college campuses and threaten young post modern dancers if they don't move to Boston?

downstairs lair: HAHAH I think that sounds like a very good idea

cannolio2: shall we go to Boston developer and threaten them if they don't give adfordable housing to young, POC, dancer artists?

cannolio2: I hope Larry won't be mad at us for being late. how late are you going to be.

cannolio2: lounge is very lively right now in the class changeover. my pinky is starting to ache b/c I busted it up in Kathleen's class yesterday improvising with Delaney.

downstairs lair: I also think there are so many people encouraged to dance at a recreational level here, and a major aspect of what confuses me is that there seems to be limited cross over between art making being a lifestyle and being a hobby.

downstairs lair: I also think there are so many people encouraged to dance at a recreational level here, and a major aspect of what confuses me is that there seems to be limited cross over between art making being a lifestyle and being a hobby.

downstairs lair: I think there are several artist houses becoming available but for like an appendage or two

downstairs lair: I'm changing out with Lizzy right now

cannolio2: sparkly gold helmet, big jared laugh, orange kneepads, wide Molly eyes, hand on jenny's chin, Alex trying to get the heels of his sneakers on without his hands, purple Nalgene, RESIST, moon tattoo, things starting to clear

cannolio2: Jacob yells

cannolio2: gonna pee and then switch out w ben cannolio2: LET'S GO ASTRO-GLITTER-DANCE AEROBICS

cannolio2: that's at least the descriptors in my head

cannolio2: ciao m'ijo

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Doritoflavoreddoritos: I love " Astro Glitter Dance Aerobics"!!! w

Doritoflavoreddoritos: what do we think about the theme of shimmer and sequence in the performances?

cannolio2 was timed out

blahfemme: what? what is this glitter and shimmer were things shiney are there photos? who was shiney? and do you mean sequence or sequins? blahfemme: oh it's gotten cold here... ohohhohoho

blahfemme: i literally just watched the worst and wierdest movie i have seen in a while. it is called 'mandy' and nick cage is in it... i'm pretty sure he needs to stop acting.

blahfemme: ok ben... you are going to loose me soon as it is 9pm here... and i woke up at 7am... so i can check back in 2 hours and see if there is a prompt

blahfemme: but what if there is no prompt? or can the audience at 'the thing' ask something can there be a colective something question? like these collective tarot reading denise de silva does?

blahfemme: think about it.

blahfemme: later

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Archive Station: ok joy, yeah yeah yeah no prompt.... and double yess to asking at the thing... im on it. hope the long day was ok. talkking to you soon

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cannolio2: I didn't see the performances last night! I was at belated shabbat dinner with my family. so Michael is gonna give me a low down and I'll type tid bits.

cannolio2: Michael: I don't know if I can do that. oh nooo. okay so. what do you want to know.

cannolio2: give me a structure with which to describe it. ME: um, link each piece to a childhood memory or yours.

cannolio2: Kirstie simson: being in the backseat of a car. listening to my grandmother and mother talking to each other. neither of them can see what's ahead. I've never talked to my mother about aging. fluid memory. which I think is uh characteristic of watching movement. my grandmother would drive me to dance competitions and write feedback into the program of the competition and rate them.

cannolio2: Larry did 3 poisons, they consist of, a misquote, memories of family members and creating the poisons/antidote/thing that is antithetical to dancing.

cannolio2: also abby. It began after intermission, completely fluid, someone said "I feel completely uncared for as a audience member" and I was like well, maybe sometimes dance is about being in reality maybe it's not made for you. maybe it's made for you to show up in it. I don't even know off that's an objective. the space was set up in a round and the chairs were set back. some people could choose to sit in the space. abby applied makeup. pranced about the space. showed us a video of her son shooting a rifle on a loop. he was about eight. I'm bad at children's ages.


cannolio2: yeah and then it was Jesse and Peter.

cannolio2: beautiful. great.

cannolio2: I heard someone say that the flow of the show went old testament, new testament and something before that. I can't remember,

cannolio2: I think the whole thing in general left me so emotional that I can't recount it yet. Overall that show was the most impressive because everything went into a deep memory. and it's gonna show up later.

cannolio2: maybe it's not "impressive". left an impression.

cannolio2: Thanks Michael!!

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misterfig: Noli wants life alive is anyone going?

cannolio2: I wonder if Michael will be back with my food in time

cannolio2: I wonder if I'm even hungry

Photo Documentation of October 7

Photos of "The Thing" from the Fleet

OCTOBER 8, 2018

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Prompt 5+

Hello dear ones,

Today is the final day of the festival! thank you for your witnessing, engagement, presence, absence, care, thoughtfulness and curiosity.

In return for that I would like to offer the last prompt of this project in the form of three options. You can respond to all/some/none of them.

I invite you to think of this not as a closing but as an opening, not an end but a beginning, or at the very least part of a continuum....

So consider and re-consider the last three as an invitation. Thank you.

a) what makes you feel cared for in a performance?

b) how do you give/receive care in your life/practice/performance/community/research/etc?

c) please respond to any content posted here

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DOS: sweet! thanks for the info... i think for the prompt that i will throw out into the ether will come from what is written above or at least inferred. from abby's performance where someone said or may have said' i feel completely uncared for as an audience memember' so i wonder what makes us feel cared for or how to we give and recieve care in a community/life/practice/performance? @ben

DOS: you can totally finesse it or take it or leave it! i will cc you on the final prompt and see what shakes out.

DOS: speaking of shaking. i now do my morning shaking practice for 8 mins... up from 5. next week is 10 try it.

DOS: self care is communal care.

DOS: good morning to you all! happy last day of festival and i hope the closing with jared is swell.

DOS: smooches

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misterfig: sitting in lounge with BVB, RR, & now SMG. Sarah will have a post LJ child in like 6 days. It’s been a really good festival. The shake can be seen downstairs in the garage door prior to entry.

misterfig: thinking about the remainder and shifts hat have been caused by an overarching or throughline of focus on internal spaces - seems to go across the board. I attended AC, JZ, HH, LA, KH,

misterfig: that*

misterfig: clarifying or envisioning the internal to benefit alter external

misterfig: the thing was long and consisted of that good type of reveal of all the people you’ve been around for 5 days, like after all the stimulation and hyper attention and activity you get to rest into all the people that you’ve been surrounded by

misterfig: last thought, the anxiety from last year’s festival seems to be cut. I think this time around, since things outside of here are not ideal, people have dropped in. - assumption

misterfig: but felt. it seems that relationships forming that I observed came from a deep place of quiet understanding.

misterfig: i think im done

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heyo: ok ok thank you and good night...

heyo: ben?

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Archive Station: hiii

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