Lion's Jaw Dance + Performance Festival, 2017

book making process

A book made by the participants of the 2017 Lion's Jaw Dance + Performance festival through a process facilitated by YIP.

For the 5 days of the festival YIP was installed in the lounge at Green Street Studios and equipped with a scanner and friendly staff member. Festival participants were invited to scan anything they wished into The Book, as were audience members at the two public showings. The results is a chronologically accumulated 580 page paperback artifact of the festival.

The contents of this (first) edition are very wide ranging. Some scans are quite sincere, others are quite frivolous. As a reader leafs through The Book's pages they are able to glimpse the unique challenges and opportunities that come with bringing a practice of publishing into a context dedicated to forms of performance and dance.

The entrance to Green Street Studios

The lounge

The scanning station

The working index

The materialized book

Some pages at random