Yip was founded by
artist and publisher Ben Van Buren, in 2016.
We realize projects that use choreographic writing
to establish feeling connections
between users and authors
on the level of
their texts.


YonkersInternationalPress at gmail

Yip Advisory Board

Dear reader,

Yonkers International Press is directed by myself, Ben Van Buren, and guided by a group of cherished advisors. The following individuals make up the Yip Advisory Board.

Macushla Robinson
Laurel Atwell
River Accorsi
Gillian Walsh
Sarah Mae Gibbons
& Colin Menkin

Very truly yours,

Ben Van Buren

Yip Staff (tap a name for a little more).

Ben Van Buren
Founder and Publisher

Mark Blankenship
Senior Editor, Theatre

Camila Malenchini
Collaborating Web Developer and Designer

Gillian Walsh
Contributing Editor, Dance

Macushla Robinson
Contributing Editor