What is Times Square Books?

TSQB is an ongoing series of paperback books by people who work outside in Times Square, New York City. The series presents a variety of content ranging from poetry and memoir to group text messages and phone photography. The series has been active in some capacity since 2017. Most books in the series open with an introduction describing the author's role in Times Square. Some books are (incidentally) about Times Square, others are not.

The Mission of TSQB

The mission of TSQB is two-pronged: (1) to empower the local, working population of Times Square by imparting a knowledge of the digital tools used to make books today, and (2) to explore how best to remember Times Square, an area marked by decades of constant development and city planning initiatives.

In this context TSQB chooses to operate intuitively, shooting from the hip. Our goal is to produce a moving average of thought, a series of blips on the radar that at times may contradict one another. We are often past deadline. Some books are beautiful, others are not. What's important is that we simply keep repeating, keep publishing. We feel such a repetitive approach does justice to the relentlessness of Times Square: the lie of advertising wrapped around the fiction of theater, ploughing ahead.


There are currently 13 published TSQB and several more waiting in the wings...

If you work outside in Times Square YIP invites you to publish with us. Whether you're a published author or someone simply curious to experiment with making a book with digital tools YIP wants to work with you to realize your next book!

Where can I buy Times Square Books?

We've tabled in TSQ a few times now.
If you'd like to know whenever we sell in the area shoot us a note and we'll keep you in the loop!
Otherwise, you can buy some titles online. ⇩ :)

Curent Titles, with links to purchase when applicable:

  • #1: Poems and Words
    by Jon Rentler

  • #2: Lyrics and Favorite Albums
    by Aaron Wineman

  • #3: The Bren Book
    by Bren x Van Buren

  • #4: Poses and Visible Text
    by Promoters TKTS

  • #5: What Used To Be Where
    by Friends

  • #6: All These Years
    by Liz Sauter and Colin Menkin

  • #7: Sunless
    by M. Gursky

  • #8: ESSENCE
    by Erin Soler

  • #9: Every night in a Neon Graveyard and Gross Bets
    by Mark Curry

  • #10: 1/1/18 Group Text
    by Various

  • #11: All That Heaven Allows
    by Antigone

  • #12: Notes From New York
    by Seth Ward Pyatt

  • #13: UP.W(O/A)RDS
    by S. L. Feemster