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Yonkers international Press publishes books by artists working in dance and performance-based art forms; as well as a growing number of periodicals—spaces in which numerous artists are invited to reflect upon (and practice) specific performance forms within printed matter. YIP is financially independent, unsponsored by any individual or organization.
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Fat and Other Stories: Some Writing About Sex
Ishmael Houston-Jones
FAT AND OTHER STORIES could also be subtitled “some writing about New York.” Here is the grime of the East Village apartment where the illegal tenant takes off his socks last; the brown walls of the Westside Club in Chelsea that offer little privacy; and the basement of the all male strip club in Times Square, now gone. New York is the final bedfellow in this sometimes frank, sometimes dreamlike collection. Houston-Jones choreographs the ghosts of this self-erasing city of lovers and strangers.

First publicly available at performances of THEM
by Ishmael Houseton-Jonhes, Chris Cochrane and Dennis Cooper
Performance Space New York, June 2018.

$13.99 + Shipping/Tax
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Cook Book Domestic Performance Agency
Athena Kokoronis
COOK BOOK DOMESTIC PERFORMANCE AGENCY is Athena Kokoronis' first bounded and printed edition of process, fragments and images compiled over a decade. In it, merging connections and passion for a dance searched for within the domestic realms. Parts of CookBook can be read for instructional guides for making food, dance, performance or for pleasure for poetry as well as personal pockets of Kokoronis narrative in her blurry roles as artist, cook, and mother imagining and building a world within an alternative economy.

First publicly available at performances of Being With You Right Now is the Ritual for Being With You
by Athena Kokoronis
Dance and Process, The Kitchen, June 2018

$25 + Shipping/Tax


Moon fate Sin
Gillian Walsh
MOON FATE SIN is a collection of anagrams of Yvonne Rainer’s No Manifesto.

Moon Fate Sin is a book, a tape and a dance. The dance premiered as part of Performa 17 at Danspace Project. The book is published by YIP.

The tape: DANCE TORTURE MIXTAPE is produced by Neal Medlyn.

Limited Edition 1-120

First publicly available at performances of Moon Fate Sin
by Gillian Walsh
Presented at Performa 17 at Danspace Project, November 2017

$30 + tax
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The Book of the 2017 Lion's Jaw Dance + Performance Festival
festival participants
More information about the 2017 Lion's Jaw book: here

The (now) ongoing Lion’s Jaw Book project invites festival participants to experiment with the relationship of forms of performance and dance to processes of archiving and publishing. The project devises and facilitates different ways in which festival participants might generate and interact with the contents of each edition with the goal of articulating a sort of moving-average of the festival's concerns—a book-object capable of critical thinking and reflection, as well as play and disobedience.

In the upcoming 2018 edition we are working towards goals of increased transparency and access by hosting a live website presence, complete with chatroom, daily uploads of scans, written reflections and more... more details soon... (scanning, international video exchange, HTML/CSS PDF making... and much more... we are very excited!)!

VISIT the LIVING ARCHIVE Book facilitators
2017: Ben Van Buren
2018: Joy Mariama Smith & Ben Van Buren

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b00k is a residency space and presentation platform co-hosted by YIP & http://b00k.xyz

b00k is currently able to offer each artist a workspace measuring A4 page size by 120 black and white pages.

workspaces are brought together and opened to the public in the form of free PDF and a low cost digitally-printed, perfect-bound paperback book both available at b00k.xyz.
Times Square Books
The Times Square Books Series is an open invitation to publish anyone who works outdoors in Times Square, no questions asked. The result has become a growing collection of titles that vary in content, style, and degrees of seriousness. Some people are curious to just see what it takes to make a book, others are already accomplished authors looking to work on something new. All are welcome.
  • Times Square Books #1: Poems and Words by Jon Rentler
  • Times Square Books #2: Lyrics and Favorite Albums by Aaron Wineman
  • Times Square Books #3: The Bren Book by Bren x Van Buren
  • Times Square Books #4: Poses and Visible Text by Promoters
  • Times Square Books #5: What Used To Be Where by Friends
  • Times Square Books #6: All These Years by Liz Sauter and Colin Menkin
  • Times Square Books #7: Sunless by M. Gursky
  • Times Square Books #8: ESSENCE by Erin Soler
  • Times Square Books #9: Every night in a Neon Graveyard and Gross Bets by Mark Curry
  • Times Square Books #10: 1/1/18 by Various
  • Times Square Books #11: All That Heaven Allows by Antigone
  • Times Square Books #12: Notes From New York by Seth Ward Pyatt
  • Musical Theater Today
    Co-Founding Editor's:
    Ben Van Buren & Lucas Tahiruzzaman Syed

    Contributing Editors:
    Natasha Sinha, Shoshana Greenberg, Timothy Huang & Ian Axness
    MUSICAL THEATER TODAY is a new, yearly periodical inspired by the extraordinary variety of artists, institutions, and audiences engaged in the musical theatre world. While many endeavors across the industry appear to share individual artists (composers, performers, etc.), it seems that they rarely have the opportunity to come together in discussion. By gathering as many creative viewpoints as possible, MTT hopes to encourage artists in all aspects of the industry to continue to pursue diversity of narrative, performance, and production.

    For more info please check out Musical Theater Today's website.


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